Kate Barnét

Kate Barnét was created by myself in 2017, after noticing some really beautiful nightwear brands popping up consistently on my social media feeds, but being blown away by their eye-watering prices.

It also felt that some of the brands were a bit too stuffy, dull or predictable - with highstreet offerings leaning towards the kitsch or down right cringey (I just don't want to wear a bed time tee with 'let's avo-cuddle' on it).So, in a moment of summertime madness Aug '17, I packed in my job, booked a flight in India, and thought I better start learning sharpish about how to run a company.

Our clothes are all handmade by our factory just outside of New Delhi, using prints sourced in India. Because we are such a small operation at the moment, we can guarantee that you are getting something very special. We produce a maximum of 20 of each piece - most of the time you are getting 1 of 5. My mission for Kate Barnét is simple : to create really beautiful nightwear with intricate, bright prints at an accessible price point, whilst using satin simply because it feels delicious to wear. There's no longer an excuse to be boring in bed...

XoXo Kate

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