number 37

number 37’s all-woman team come from a diverse and colourful range of backgrounds including retail, interior design, law, languages, photography and Yoga but each of us is bound together by a shared love of fashion, an understanding of the difference a beautiful accessory can make, bags of enthusiasm and a deep appreciation of the importance of great customer service. We are also committed to campaigns where we use our staff as models so that real women are reflected back to our customers when they come onto our website.

Our plans for the future of number 37 (apart from scarf world domination) include sourcing and delivering an even wider selection of gorgeous products to an ever wider audience at just the right price, engaging our customers with innovative and inspirational scarf-wearing ideas both on our website and through social media, and ensuring that, both on and off-line, our customers receive an outstanding level of service from all members of the number 37 team at all times.

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