‘Less equals more’ is the general consensus to minimalism, right? Or is minimalism just about avoiding excess? Herein lies a paradox. What do we define as less and what is defined as avoiding excess? This paradox is important as it encapsulates and defines the behaviour and design of Vivichi. We define this above paradox through our eyes, through our collection. Loosely translating into ‘life energy’, Vivichi aims to create a balance between these two points. Our designs fall within the limits of minimalism, infusing unique shapes & prints with colourful hues, to create a look which strikes the perfect balance between ‘less’ & ‘excess’.

Vivichi isn’t just a brand, it isn’t just fashion; it’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of defining your identity. Our collections aim to provide balance. Our designs are creating not only to be worn with Vivichi, but they can be styled with other brands so you can create your own take on our paradox.

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