5 Reasons To Have Athleisure In Your Life (Even If You Don’t Feel Like Working Out)

5 Reasons To Wear Athleisure

All we want to say is: thank the stars for athleisure! No longer just reserved for the gym and hangover days, athleisure is the comfy casual trend that mixes sporty with practicality, finished off with luxe laid-back vibes. Think athleisure is just for exercising? We’re here to prove that this trend will see you all the way through the week.

1.  It’s Crazy Comfortable

It goes without saying: athleisure is comfy. Like, loungewear levels of comfortable. Relaxed fits, soft fabric, elasticated waistbands: this is clothing equivalent of snuggling under a blanket with a nice cup of tea. This dark grey tracksuit is a prime example. The zipped hoodie and cuffed joggers will keep you snug all day long.

Athleisure Tracksuit in Charcoal Grey

2. It’s On Trend (But Accessible To Everyone)

Athleisure isn’t just for Instagram Baddies (but we do love how they work it.) This is a style that everyone can wear and feel good in it. We think this sequin tracksuit set is just the thing to keep you both comfy and cute.

Black Athleisure Tracksuit with Red Sequin Hearts
Black Athleisure Tracksuit with Red Sequin Hearts

3. You Can Wear It Anywhere. Literally. Anywhere

Athleisure ticks both the style and practicality boxes. This chic casual jumpsuit can be worn when you’re out-and-about, working at home, or chilling out in front of Netflix. Keeping comfy never looked this good.

Athleisure Jumpsuit in Black
Athleisure Jumpsuit in Black

4. It’s Super Easy To Style

Laid back athleisure looks are a breeze to style. For this pink oversized sweatshirt, we’re thinking black joggers, hoop earrings and scrunchies for 90s-meets-chilling-on-a-Sunday vibes. All you need are a few simple pieces, and bam, luxe athleisure chic in a blink of an eye.

Oversized Athleisure Sweatshirt in Pink
Oversized Athleisure Sweatshirt in Pink

5. It’ll Get You Motivated

Even if you’re not planning to exercise, there’s something about the sporty vibes of athleisure wear that gets us motivated. Whether you’re running errands, getting started on that home project or just have a bunch of life admin to do, the right outfit can be just the thing to get you going. We’ll be reaching for these black joggers next time we need a bit of a push.

Athleisure Joggers in Black
Athleisure Joggers in Black
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