Our Top 5 Tips For Working At Home

SilkFred Top Tips For Working At Home

A lot of people are finding themselves working at home at the moment, and so we thought we’d share our favourite tips to get the most out of your new 9-5. By creating and sticking to a routine, you’ll keep productive, motivated and establish a sense of normalcy.

1. Set Up Your Work Space

Tips For Working At Home Work Space
Bonus Tip: As tempting as it is to work in your pyjamas, we recommend getting changed. This will help to get you in a motivated mindset for the day. For some comfy outfit inspo, check out our work from home and loungewear edits.

2. Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule

Tips For Working At Home Sleep Schedule
Bonus Tip: Keep up any morning or bedtime rituals you already have. Your morning smoothie, your evening skincare routine: these will help wake you up and wind you down.

3. Have A Break!

Tips For Working At Home Schedule Breaks
Bonus Tip: Breaks are a great time to indulge in your favourite hobbies. Reading, scrapbooking, cooking. Even for 15 mins, it’s a great way to refresh.

4. Move That Body

Tips For Working At Home Exercise
Bonus Tip: You can get moving even if you’re watching TV. March on the spot, do some stretches, whatever you fancy!

5. Don’t Forget To Say Hi

Tips For Working At Home Communicate
Bonus Tip: If it’s a group video call, why not go for a silly fancy dress theme? This is a great way to keep spirits up and have a good chuckle.

Do you have a top tip you don’t see here? Let us know in the comments or on our socials (Insta Facebook).

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