5 Tops To Complement Your Pyjama Bottoms

5 Tops You Can Wear With Pyjama Bottoms

We love our pyjamas. Sometimes (read: most of the time) we don’t want to change out of them. Whether you’re working from home or relaxing in front of the telly, nothing can beat them for comfort. But whether you have a conference call incoming, or want to feel more put together, going full on sleepwear may not be what you’re in the mood for. However, there’s need for anything drastic: a simple switch of tops can do the trick.

We’ve put together 5 tops that you can wear with your PJ bottoms. For business on top, snuggle on the bottom ideas, look no further.

1. Keeping Classic

A simple black top will go with even the brightest and jolliest PJ bottoms. This one also will cover your bum, so no one will get a peak at your trews if you have team video calls. Unless you want to show them off, and we give you our full support in that.

Black Oversized Open Neck Top
Black Oversized Top with Open Neck

2. Snuggle Up

Just ’cause your comfy on the bottom, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy on the top. For those days where you just want to wear your duvet, a big cosy jumper can come in handy. Think of it as a comfort blanket with arms.

Callie Knit Jumper in Black
Callie Knit Jumper in Black

3. Feeling Wild?

For a little dose of animal print, this long sleeved number will fit the bill. With the added bonus of being oversized, you can wear your thickest, fluffiest pyjama bottoms with it. Just the thing for boxset marathons.

Inaya Black Top With Zebra Star
Inaya Black Top With Zebra Print Star

4. Making Us Blush

Fancy something a little more colourful? This batwing top is the perfect shade of springtime pink. It’s also lightweight, so stay nice and cool when wearing with jammie bums.

Oversized Batwing Top in Dusty Pink
Oversized Batwing Top in Dusty Pink

5. Just Add Sparkles

Sometimes, a bit of glitter is all that’s needed. This short sleeve oversized top is perfect for (literally) brightening up your day at home. And it’s just the right relaxed fit to wear pyjama bottoms underneath.

Oversized Sequin Heart Top In Black
Oversized Sequin Heart Top In Black

What’s great about these tops is that they’re super versatile, and lend themselves to all sorts. But we think these are *particularly* good for days at home.

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