Brand Stories: Interview With We Run This

SilkFred has visited another one of its gorgeous brands, We Run This. We interviewed the brands founder, Romy Desmarais, to get a sneak peak at her latest collection and to further understand how she got to where she is today, as starting your own business is never easy…


– Do you remember where you were when you decided to set up your own business?

WRT: It was actually my grandparents who pushed me to go for it. I was at an uncertain time in my life and I made the boldest decision to start my business. Sometimes when you’re not sure where you’re going, it’s the best place to be.

– What was the first thing you did when you made the decision to go for it?

Researched, a lot! I guess I didn’t know the first thing about owning my own business, or owning a brand, but somehow with hard work and dedication, it all seemed to fit into place.


– What gets you out of bed everyday? 

Everyday is different and unpredictable, which is something I love. Knowing I have a dedicated team and people that keep the brand going, and all the hard work that has contributed towards WRT being where it is today.

– Tell us about your brand?

We Run This is a brand for women who are looking for something a little different in their wardrobe, a key piece of clothing. Every piece is chosen to represent the brand and the young women that shop on our site. The concept of shopping by outfit was the core of WRT, giving you styling advice and ideas as you shop.


– Who would your ideal “celebrity” customer be?

Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat) would be our ultimate celebrity customer, from her style to what she has achieved, she is what WRT is all about. We also love the stylist Ann-Marie Hoang and definitely want to work with her more in the future.


– Have you ever wanted to quit and if so what kept you going?

Of course, I think every business owner has days where they question what they’re doing! It’s always easy to compare your failures with someone else’s success. Every day the brand makes progress, even if it’s just one follower on Instagram, it makes everything worthwhile. There’s nothing better than watching your hard work progress.


– What tips would you give someone looking to set up their own business? 

Be realistic, things don’t happen overnight, no matter how much you will want them to and that’s okay, every business needs to make progress. Make bold decisions, making mistakes is how you find your way.

– If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

There are so many things I have learnt along the way that I don’t think we would be where we are if I did. Everyday I’m still learning about us as a brand and thinking of ways to make us better.


– How do you unwind outside of work?

I‘ve only just started to learn how to take time away from work without feeling guilty, it’s so hard to fit in normal life when work life is so unpredictable. But its something that’s really important, so I make sure I take some time during the week and weekends to just relax.


We are always grateful when our brands take the time to share their experiences with us. Each brand has their own story to tell, as each brand is different from the rest. We hope you enjoy reading up on our brands and what makes them special to us, as there are many more background stories to come.

SF team x

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