Brand Stories: Taking The Risk For Material Gal

The founders of Material Gal, Katie and Faye, are what following your dreams and gut instinct are all about. We went behind the scenes with them, to get to know more about their journey and what pushed them to create their own brand, this is what we discovered…

– Do you remember where you were when you decided to set up your own business?

Faye: Lincoln train station – feeling disregarded by our former boss and deflated by current situations, not getting the jobs we had applied for and wanting to continue working with my best friend.

Katie: Faye said to me what would your biggest regret be in the future – my reply was ‘not having my own label – not giving it a go!’. So we looked at each other and said – omg let’s bloody do it!

– What was the first thing you did when you made the decision to go for it?

Faye: Katie already had a name she had sat on for a few years and when she told me I instantly loved it! So straight away I went and set up Material Gal on Instagram and Facebook, then on Companies House!

Katie: I looked on beaming like a Cheshire Cat – relieved that Faye liked the name ‘Material Gal’. Registering the company was so exciting and immediately made Material Gal feel real!


– What gets you out of bed everyday?
Faye: Being excited about the future of Material Gal and a feeling of wanting to provide for our family – we have an opportunity to create a bright future for the ones we love!

Katie: Absolutely, and the possibility of achieving something special for ourselves and building something to be so incredibly proud of!
– Tell us about your brand?

Faye: MG is totally non judgmental –  be who you are, love yourself!

Katie: Faye and I are passionate about women – we want to dress women in sassy clothing and encourage females to be proud of who they are, be kind and love themselves. There’s so much pressure now to look a certain way and we truly believe beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes – if our clothes can make someone look and feel great, then we have succeeded.

– Who would your ideal “celebrity” customer be? 

The likes of Helen Mirren, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lawrence or Amy Schumer – Smart and funny ladies, women who have substance and know who they are!


– Have you ever wanted to quit and if so, what kept you going?

Faye: Of course, I’m only human! But that gut feeling of knowing that we can succeed keeps me going – and having an amazing support network of people who genuinely believe in us is worth more than gold!

Katie: Faye and I know each other inside out – we laugh, cry and scream together – we know when to pick each other up and we truly believe everything happens for a reason. We both have big plans for Material Gal, so when we get down, we dust ourselves off and help each other to get back on the positive train.

– What tips would you give someone looking to set up their own business?

Faye: Have a vision – a support network and a end goal. Oh and a stress ball ha!

Katie: Do it NOW! There is no ‘perfect time’, get cracking and do what you love! Learn how to meditate, then try and remember to do it!

One of the lovely founders of Material Gal

– If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

Faye: I would have been kinder to myself and released not to worry so much! I would never have worn baby blue tracksuit with a jewelled belly button ring!

Katie: Hell yeah – stop worrying and stop beating myself up – no ones perfect! I wish we had started MG years ago!

– How do you unwind outside of work?

Faye: I love people so I’m always seeing friends and family which is relaxing for me. I love a good long bath while watching The Real Housewives! I’m addicted!

Katie: I’m blessed with a gorgeous family, friends and partner. My beautiful and kind 5 year old is a breath of fresh of air – he makes me stop and see things through a child’s eyes. A glass of red and some dark chocolate also help!


Another pleasurable catch up with one of our lovely brands. Material Gal is fitting for any woman looking to express herself through her clothing. Young and fun, it’s also sophisticated and strong. Just what SilkFred is all about!

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