Brands in Focus: Shooting for Website

Following on from our studio day with our selected accessories brands, we invited our chosen clothing brands into the studio for a masterclass on website photography.

Getting the most out of your collection online calls for different techniques and lighting than Instagram or campaign style shots, plus it’s where you’ll sell the most; as a small brand, it’s important to get this part right!

Watch below to meet the founders of ANGELEYEMAIWOOD BOUTIQUE and PLEAT BOUTIQUE and hear about their experience with us firsthand.

Shooting Website Fashion Photography

We ran each brand through the different ways we like to shoot e-commerce style photography on a daily basis, pointing out common mistakes to look out for as well as makeup tips and tricks to compliment studio lighting.

If you’re a young fashion brand looking for ways to grow, stay up to date with our Brands In Focus series and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

SF Team X

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