3 problem-solving cardigans for your autumn wardrobe

Cardigans for autumn

If cardigans for autumn get you about as excited as porridge for breakfast, we see you. We hear you. But we’re going to change your mind. Because 2019 has seen the Nan cardi switch from boring throw-on to most-wanted basic. Not only has the humble cardi got a fresh injection of cool, its practical uses are seeing us through every awkward dressing situation our weather apps keep throwing up. Whether it’s a muggy commute,  4-seasons-in-a-day kind of weather, or it’s not quite cold enough for your winter coat just yet – we’ve got a cardigan to save the day.


1. When it’s still quite warm

It might be raining a good 60% of the time these days, but it’s still much too mild to justify a heavy cardigan. That’s why we love this Paloma cardigan in mustard. It’s the perfect in-between. Is it a knit? Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? It’s kind of all three. Pair with black faux leather trousers to counteract the cutesy and you have yourself a 10/10 daytime outfit.

Yellow cardigan
Cropped cardigan in yellow

2. When you have a day-to-night thing

We’ve all done it, woke up to a glorious sunny day, only to find ourselves freezing without a jacket at 5pm. Welcome to autumn. A chunky cardigan is a great alternative to carrying around your 2018 winter coat with you all day. An added bonus is that you don’t have to change your outfit aesthetic like you would with a knit jumper. Simply throw over your shoulder for extra style points (and chuck it over your head when the random shower comes out of nowhere).


Chunky cream knit
Chunky cardigan in cream


3. When it’s officially “proper cold” now

We might still be enjoying the odd sunny morning and moderate temperatures, but it won’t be long before we’re walking to work in pitch black and exclaiming “I’m cold” every 8 minutes. And when that time comes (V. soon by the way) we’ll have this chunky knit cardigan to cheer us up. Pair with a thin roll neck and these black trousers for a sleek put-together look.

Chunky brown cardigan
Chunky knit cardigan in brown



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