5 Ways To Wear Your White Shirt

Carolina Herrera has been named ‘the queen’ of this staple and has designed a clothes line solely for this product, the Founder and Creative Director of MiH Jeans has named it ‘the original wardrobe staple’ and Zara would never think of creating a collection without such a garment…

Indeed, it’s something as simple yet sophisticated as a white shirt. It’s a timeless piece that is a building block for anyones wardrobe! I mean, who doesn’t own a white shirt right? Even though the first thing that comes to mind when picturing a white shirt is probably the workplace, this is a staple that looks gorgeous for any occasion, it’s all in the styling!

Daily Routine – If you have errands to run or fancy a daytime stroll, a white shirt teamed with some mom jeans and comfy shoes is just the ticket – for a daytime look the shirt can be slightly oversized, this oozes effortless style.

2016_04_19 SF19755

Wild One – After a long day at work, meeting the girls for drinks will seem like a silver lining! Thankfully, it’s easy to turn your white shirt up a notch; simply pair it with a set of leather pants and heels, a touch of eyeliner and red lippy, you’ll find your white shirt has been given a whole new life – again, being slightly oversized gives it an effortless look that will fit perfectly with the boldness of the trousers.

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The Throwover – A white shirt is a great staple to throw over your summer dress, bikini or pair of shorts during the hotter months. The light fabric and colour will attract the sun whilst keeping you cool, as well as look effortlessly stylish – this time a boyfriend sized white shirt is the style you should aim for.

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Boss Lady – You can’t beat a white shirt in the office, now can you? It’s sophisticated, comfortable and screams ready for business. With some tailored trousers, in a funky colour to mix it up a bit, and a pair of heels, your office look has never been cooler – a more feminine style shirt, with tailored shoulders and a silhouette flattering bodice will be perfect.

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The Shirt Dress – Now it’s time to change up your shirt game. Why not turn your great classic into a dress? After all, you can’t really go wrong. It’s a great all-rounder, being a gorgeous staple for both a casual or dressy occasion, it’s up to you how you style it. Even if you nick your partners shirt, just add a belt and you’re in business.


Finding the right white shirt can be a tricky task, especially one that’s versatile enough to see you through all types of weather as well as occasions. But with the right outfits in mind, you’ll just know when you’ve met the one!

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