6 Tips When Styling A Tall Silhouette

If some of you have been tuned in for the past couple of months, you could possibly have read my post about styling tips for petite bodies. A more difficult tasks than it appears to be. Well, the same happens to tall’ women, we both don’t seem to find items that fit us in the same way as they would the ‘average‘ size woman, which by this I mean the general height and body size calculated for females.

So, in order to help you taller SF tribe individuals figure out what suits your lovely figures the best, and how to style something without making yourself look like a friendly giant, I’ve come up with 6 tips to make shopping a little easier (hopefully!). As there could be certain styles you haven’t worn that much which really flatter your body shape, ways of manipulating clothes to your body types advantage and styles you might want to steer clear from. Have a look…

  1. Lets begin with skirts. Sometimes, because of your height, skirts can appear oddly designed, as if they are not one length or another, like they don’t sit on the hips or the waist… in order to avoid this, high-waist is the best way to go. It can allow you to experiment with different lengths but still keep you in your comfort zone and make you feel assured it will look trendy no matter what. For a more androgynous look, try shorter lengths and hip-line height.
  2. As people with petite figures sometimes have to do, we recommend you roll up the ends or your bottom half, to create cropped trousers/jeans. By doing this you’re avoiding all the length issues (too short, too long, too baggy…), while keeping your outfit looking cool and totally planned.
  3. One of the advantages you have, which many smaller people admire you for, is the possibility of wearing long maxi clothing; coats, dresses and skirts. You can rock a long stylish coat without dragging it on the floor behind you; in a jumpsuit (tie-in waist is recommended), your legs will look as if they go on forever; and skirts, well if you have a split up the side with your infinite legs on display, say no more.
  4. When it comes to heels, most of you will possibly want to stick to the 3 inch heel rule. Many of you ladies might not be huge heel fans anyway, but sometimes with a taller frame it looks more sophisticated if you keep your heel under a certain height, as you don’t need that extra leverage, your already gorgeous height does that for you already!
  5. Shirts, t-shirts and jumpers that come to the hip-line look ultra-cool on longer bodies. When you have a long frame, a slightly cropped top half garment will make your body look slimmer and give your legs room to speak for themselves. ‘Oversized’ is super stylish too, but if not styled correctly it can sometimes look drowning.
  6. Last but not least, two very hot trends right now, that look flawless on all body sizes including ‘tall’ are ankle and over the knee boots. They accentuate one of your loveliest assets and look great with a high waisted skirt and cropped tee or with a cute dress. Definitely worth investing in both styles of boots!

To give you some ideas on how to wear and style your outfits, have a look at some gorgeous celebrities that are in your shoes: supermodel Karlie Kloss sports the trendy folded up jeans look, actress and singer Zendaya looks fabulous while she showcases her maxi outfit in some high-knee shoes, Taylor Swift looks cute in her high-waist skirt dress with some smaller heels and Amanda Seyfried looks relaxed in her hip-line length t-shirt and jeans with some comfortable shoes!

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A last great piece of advice, and this goes to all you lovely ladies, it’s always handy to have a good and reliable tailor!

Most of the brands on SF are taller frame friendly, with there being a lot of midi and maxi dresses, jumpsuits and duster coats, over the knee and ankle boots, cropped jeans and a variety of basics in all different sizes and styles.

The most important thing to take away from this post is to ‘enjoy your height, size and individuality, use your qualities to your advantage, with beautiful long legs, it’s impossible not to turn heads’.

N x

Notable sources: Teen Vogue

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