How To Wear The Little Black Dress

little black dress

We all have those days when we look in our closet full of clothes, but still, have nothing to wear – and that’s where the classic Little Black Dress (LBD) comes in.

Little Black Dress for Work

It’s a fashion fact, feeling fabulous will make or break your level of productivity; but you also need to let people in the workplace know you’re here to sign contracts and make business deals.

Your best bet is to take the conservative road and keep covered, choosing a dress that accentuates your silhouette with just a little leg. Pair this Black Polo Neck Dress with a leather tote and you’re a babe making a business statement.


Another option is this Black Pussy Bow Hi-Low Dress; knee length in front with extra length in the back, making it elegant but still business appropriate. The bow on the neck gives a Victorian vibe with a lightweight fabric, making it an effortless look.

Play it safe and pair work outfits with low heels, conservative flats and soft accessories. Go for one statement necklace if the dress allows it, and if not, throw on a ring with some bracelets to match. If you’re feeling super profesh add a watch, making you the boss of your business world and your closet.


Little Black Dress for Family Functions

While you want to look gorgeous, you also don’t want your Aunt Margaret talking sh*t behind your back just because you wore an open back dress to the family reunion.

Go for something elegant but chic, such as this Black Long Dress which is spot on when it comes to family functions. Pair this type of LBD with some low stilettos, wedge heels or fancy flats. Bring a handbag of your choice, maybe with a splash of colour and a classy coat for if you get chilly.


Little Black Dress for Girls Night Out

Think playful but cute when you’re heading out with the girls. There’s usually a forecast of shots after 10pm and dance parties until your feet hurt; so pick a comfortable but flattering dress that’s not too tight and short because we all know what happens when you pair tequila with heels. A classic LBD would be the Samba Mini Dress. Carefree, laid back but still fierce and free.


This Little Black Dress fits girls night to a tee, and as you can see perfectly paired with some sexy stilettos. Feel free to push the boundaries when it comes to the shoe colours and accessories you experiment with. Wear whatever heels you feel best in, and if that means a pair of high tops – well you do you because girls rule.


Little Black Dress for Brunch / Lunch Date

Whether it’s eggs benny or a wheat BLT, it’s best to be comfortable when you’re eating. Take this Black Cold Shoulder Dress, which can easily be paired with a hat and some flats to be super comfy and leave room for plenty of eating – and drinking mimosas, because brunch.


Want a fancier look for your lunch outing? Go for this Black Off The Shoulder Dress which can also be paired with casual footwear or dolled up with any old pair of heels. Simply grab a shawl or a jacket to match your shoes of choice. Don’t forget to bring a small bag, or clutch, so you can pocket any leftovers like ketchup or sugar packets – just don’t take the silverware.


Little Black Dress for Casual Nights Out

While a girl can never be overdressed or overeducated, knowledge comes in a heck of a lot more handy than a prom dress does when you’re at the pub. So you need a little black dress that’s casual and cute, but still stands out in a crowd; something that can be paired with flats or trainers and isn’t easily wrinkled. The perfect example would be our Alexandra Short Sleeveless Black Dress, which as you can see is perfectly paired with some kicks. Choose any colour because that’s the number one rule of the LBD – any colour goes.


Little Black Dress for Date Night

Our favourite meal for dinner is reservations, and if you’ve got reservations then you’ve got to have the perfect dress. This hot little number, our Chain Detail Cut Out Mini dress, shows just enough skin to let your date know you only sin in small increments; sexy but sleek is the perfect way to meet up with anyone, whether it’s your first date or your weekly date night.


Or take this Ruffle Scoop Back Dress, a personal fave. Nothing says class like an open back and a little bit of mesh goes a long way. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions, so think about what you want your LBD to say, especially if it’s the first date. Normally the best thing to say is ‘Hi, Nice to meet you. I’m smart, sexy and classy AF’. We recommend a higher stiletto, stay away from the highlighter colours and stick to the darker colours.


If you’re still not sure which occasion your little black dress fits in just use the ‘Body Parts Rule’. There are four body parts to show off when it comes to getting dressed: Legs, Back, Chest and Midriff. The message your outfit gives off depends on how many of these you put out there, literally.  Show one or two at the same time, and never more than three when you want to keep it classy.

We at SilkFred love the classic LBD because it’s slimming, matches with everything and has got you covered any day of the week. A wise woman once said, ‘A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous’, and a little black dress lets you do both, no matter what the occasion.

SF Team X

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  • These are great tips. I love my little black dress because it is super versatile and it never goes out of fashion. I purchased the one with a great quality and there is so much you can do with this dress which makes it my absolute favorite. 🙂

  • Hi there! Thanks for your comment, we’re so happy to hear you’ve found this post helpful and that you’re happy with your SilkFred purchase. Stay fabulous! SF Team X

  • What an amazing blog! This shows exactly how diverse the little black dress can be and still be so timeless! I really like the off shoulder dress you included in your blog. Really amazing, I actually think I would wear that one to a date as well haha! Really inspiring! Hope everyone realizes, after reading this blog, that nobody can go without a black dress in their closet!

    X Anne

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