“Nice Top!” Amanda Holden’s T-Shirt Style Sells Out Every Time

Amanda Holden (@noholdenback) is the queen of fashion hacks. She can make a £12 white t-shirt look like high fashion and we’re here to show you how she does it.

“Nice Top” Compliments 100% Guaranteed

Who knew that a white t-shirt could be so versatile? The Rock on Ruby “Nice Top” can be worn with so much more than just a pair of jeans.

Here’s Amanda rocking her ‘Nice Top’ with a pair of floral palazzo trousers and some shades. The cherry on top is a light blazer to complete the look.

Pair Amanda’s Nice Top T-shirt with a same-style light blazer and floral palazzo trousers, also available in plus size.


New Trousers, Who Dots?

Keep that ‘Nice Top’ but switch the palazzo pants for a smart pair of polka dot trousers, big sunglasses and… hey, presto! You’ve got a brand new look. Here’s Amanda Holden, proving to the world that you can wear the same t-shirt twice and look glorious while doing it.

Amanda Holden in the SilkFred Nice Top with a same style polka dot trousers


No Drama, Just a Hot Mama

Make way for Her Majesty! Amanda owns the look with a pair of sunglasses, long coat, black leather skirt, handbag and a fresh look, courtesy of the Drama Queen T-shirt by Love (yes, the good people behind the Fleabag Jumpsuit).

Amanda Holden wearing the Drama Queen T-shirt with a same style leather skirt, sunglassesblack coat and handbag


Need More Tee-spiration?

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