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Dark Navy Floral Maxi Dress by ANGELEYE | Now at 50% off | £30.00 £60.00

Do you know what’s better than that new dress feeling? The “Thanks, I got it on sale” feeling – and we’re here to give you both.
In this special SilkFred discount edit, we’ve curated our top 5 SilkFred dresses at 50% off for you to debut your new summer look without burning a hole in your dress pocket:

1. The Cozy-Casual Go-To Dress

If you love loungewear and miss wearing dresses, this Striped Swing Dress is the perfect outfit to boost your confidence while keeping comfy and flowy. Now at 50% off, this dress works for both picnics at your local park or to just chill in your garden with a bunch of snacks.

Striped Swing DressBy Oeuvre | Now at 50% off | £12.50 £25

2. The Perfect Summer BBQ Dress

We sure do miss picnics with friends and family. Be the best dressed picnic guest with the floaty Dark Navy Floral Maxi Dress, now at 50% off.

Dark Navy Floral Maxi Dress by ANGELEYE | Now at 50% off | £30.00 £60.00

3. The Summer Cocktail Dress

Can’t wait to go back to that cute rooftop bar? The Black Floral Josephine Dress goes perfectly with a cocktail at hand, especially now that it’s 50% off.

Josephine Floral Burnt Black by Never Fully Dressed | Now at 50% off | £35.00 £79.00

4. The Summer Sleeve Dress

We are obsessed with mixed and animal prints, what better than to have both and top it all with 3/4 sleeves? The Multicolour Animal Print Midi Wrap Dress is a mix of everything we love, and it’s now 50% off.

Multicolour Animal Print Midi Wrap Dress by Liquorish | Now 50% off | £27.00 £54.00

5. The Summer Night Out Dress

As soon as you can dress up for date night, why not pick the most flattering outfit you could possibly choose. The Navy Batwing Dress will show off your best features and it’s now 50% off.

Navy Batwing Dress by Bella and Blue | Now at 50% off | £21.00 £42.00

6. Extra Treat: The Summer Wedding Guest Dress

Wedding season will make a glorious comeback, and you’ll want to be ready without breaking the bank. The Jacquard Leopard Cami Midi Dress In Gold is perfect for your friends’ wedding and it’s now 50% off.

Jacquard Leopard Cami Midi Dress In Gold by Bella and Blue | Now at 50% off | £21.00 £42.00

Bonus Content: Our SilkFred Discounted Edits

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Do SilkFred Offer Discounts on Jumpsuits and Tops as Well?

Why yes we do! Have a look at our Jumpsuits Sale and Tops Sale pages for more outfit options with SilkFred discounts (up to 50% off)

Suzie Cross Strap Lace Top Jumpsuit In BerryBy Girl In Mind | Now at 50% off | £22.50 £45.00
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