Your Ultimate Guide to Wrap Dresses

guide to wrap dresses

Wrap dresses have been popular for about as long as they existed, largely due to their universally flattering shape and ease of wear. It’s as much a staple in most women’s wardrobes as a classic white tee, or a pair of black stilettos. But where did they come from and how have they evolved since Diane Von Furstenberg catapulted them into mainstream fashion in the 1970s? Let’s take a deep dive…

What is a Wrap Dress?

A wrap dress is a dress that’s typically open like a kaftan, and requires tying around the side of the waist to create a closed wrap-around design. There are actually two different types of wrap dress.

  1. An open wrap dress that requires actual wrapping. It has a front closure, made by wrapping one side across the other and tying closed into a V shaped neckline.
  2. A closed dress that replicates the silhouette of a wrap dress.  It has the illusion of a wrap, but doesn’t require you to wrap the dress. These types of dresses are also known as wrap front and wrap style dresses. 

Timeline of the wrap dress 

Timeline of wrap dresses

Types of wrap dresses 

Types of wrap dresses - long sleeve
Details on Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses

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Types of wrap dresses - maxi
Details on Maxi Wrap Dresses

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Three types of wrap dresses - mini dress
Details on Mini Wrap Dresses

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Wrap dresses to suit every body 

If we look at how the wrap dress is designed, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s so popular. The tie waist accentuates a traditionally feminine aesthetic, while the adjustable V neckline gives you full cleavage control. So, whether you’re short or tall, big-boobed or small-boobed, you can easily find a wrap dress that feels like it’s been made just for you.

Wrap dresses
Wrap dresses for all body types

How to Tie a Wrap Dress

  1. Throw on the open wrap dress as you would any cardigan or jacket
  2. Pull the tie strings through the eye holes, which typically sit under the chest or at the back of the dress
  3. No holes? No worries. In this instance, tie the strings over themselves before tying
  4. Gather the strings toward the side of your body
  5. Tie into a simple bow, which you can let drape loosely down the side of your body
  6. If you want to create a literal boobie-trap, ensure it’s tied tightly to avoid gaping

Want to create a slightly sexier look with a deep plunge neckline? Cara shows you how to do just that with the Yondal dress in the video below.
Not sure yet? Have a look at our Complete How To Tie a Wrap Dress Guide.


Styling Wrap Dresses

night out header

Dresses to wear on a big night out

An LBD is a non-negotiable when it comes to your night-out arsenal, and black wrap dresses take the stress out of your Saturday night indecision altogether. Take this long-sleeve mini wrap dress from Foreva Young. It works all year round, looks effortlessly put-together, and you can wear your ugliest bra with it if you want to. Style with a simple strappy sandal, fine gold jewellery, and a statement bag to bring the look together.

Black wrap mini dress
Black wrap dress for a night out

Wedding header

Comfortable wrap dresses to wear to a wedding

Florals are a hands-down favourite print for weddings, so a floral wrap dress like this one from Love Sunshine might seem an obvious choice. However, unlike some floral dresses which can be a touch on the matronly side, the v-neckline and centre-slit here keep it cool, modern and out of the 50s-housewife zone. Florals tend to be quite busy so we recommend a zero-jewellery policy and simple heels for optimal chic.

Maxi floral wrap dress
Floral wrap dress for a wedding

Holiday header

Casual dresses to wear to on holiday

A white wrap dress is ideal for holidays for a number of reasons. It’s light and summery, it’s quick to change into and you can use it as a beach coverup during the day. Time-saving and space-saving? Double win. Our go to is the Plunge Maxi in white. But we are also partial to it in blue and coral, too. Style with natural accessories (think straw, wood, tortoiseshell) for an updated bohemian vibe.

White wrap maxi dress
White wrap dress for summer holidays

Work header

Stylish dresses to wear to the office

Leopard print and work are not exactly “iconic duo” status, but leopard print wrap dresses are surprisingly desk-friendly. Take this midi from Liquorish. The batwing sleeves, subtle v-neck and longer length give it the sophistication necessary to pass any office dress codes, from business-casj to strictly corporate. Like florals, the print is busy enough that you can ditch jewellery altogether and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Model wears a maxi leopard print wrap dress with nude heels and clutch bag
Maxi Leopard Wrap Dress

Are wrap dresses flattering?

Wrap dresses are extremely flattering, tying you in at the waist and accentuating your curves to create an hourglass silhouette.

How to breastfeed in a wrap dress?

To breastfeed in a wrap dress, the most important thing is that you buy an open wrap dress that you can loosen, as opposed to a closed “fake” wrap dress that just gives the illusion of a wrap dress. This will give you the freedom to untie the dress for easy boob access.


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