SilkFred Take Tough Mudder

Cute ?

Earlier this year, 15 members of the SilkFred team decided to take on the horrendous challenge that is Tough Mudder. Why we did this or whose great idea it was is still unknown – it just happened.

So with just a couple of months to get our couch potato asses into gear for a 12 mile, 25 obstacle uphill run that is the Tough Mudder assault course, it was time to get down to some serious preparation!

Intensive Training Part 1

Some quick internet research told us that carb loading is absolutely essential for preparing for a half marathon sprinkled with disgustingly muddy obstacles, and since carb loading at the office is something we’ve already fully mastered, we figured we’d stick to what we do best – cake and clothes.

Birthdays at SilkFred HQ

Our SilkFred 5th birthday came and went, so we celebrated with rainbow cake and prosecco, mimicking a secret method used by Usain Bolt during his olympic training regime.

Intensive Training Part 2

Weirdly, none of the team noticed an improvement in their running technique after our weekly carb loading sessions, so next up we decided to try some actual exercise; a new concept to most of us and especially Brand Scout, Kate Dorken.

Team SilkFred take Tough Mudder 2017

After the first session, the drop off rate for our weekly after-work runs was suspiciously high. Some team members just wanted to see how they’d do on the day, with no prior training at all (bury their head in the sand and pretend Tough Mudder in two weeks just wasn’t a thing).


So the day of Tough Mudder FULL had arrived (we don’t do things by halves here at SilkFred), and surprisingly no-one called in sick (big mistake). A lovely 6.30am coach drive ensured we’d be at the official Tough Mudder site in Henley for our 10.45am start time – and what better way to start the weekend?

SilkFred Take Tough Mudder
Ready to go ??

Some daring members of the SilkFred team even ventured out for ‘just one’ the night before, and our in-house athlete, Stephen (below), made sure to start his day with a fry up and two snickers to ensure maximum performance. He later lived to regret this choice.

Stephen of SilkFred regretting his breakfast decisions

Kiss of Mud

First up was a beautiful up-hill run to start us off, shortly followed by the first obstacle: Kiss of Mud. Unfortunately many of us did actually kiss the mud, as this obstacle had us army crawling underneath a range of unpleasant things including, but not limited to, barbed wire.

Andrew doing the Kiss of Mud at Tough Mudder 2017
Andrew was born for this sh*t
Clarissa doing the Kiss of Mud at Tough Mudder 2017
Clarissa loves it
Faye doing the Kiss of Mud at Tough Mudder 2017
Faye briefly going insane

Mud Mile

Mud Mile was a true test of SilkFred teamwork, we almost lost our stock assistant, Ana, but we made it through ??.

Ana having a bad time - SilkFred at Mud Mile Tough Mudder 2017
Ana having a bad time
Mud Mile at Tough Mudder 2017
Faye regretting wearing shorts
SilkFred at Mud Mile 2017
The best day of Amelia’s life

Electroshock Therapy

The worst obstacle by far, second only to the Arctic Enema (no explanation needed), was the field of electric shocks named Electroshock Therapy – just as bad as it sounds.

Electroshock Therapy at Tough Mudder 2017
Aleisha regretting her decision to partake in this event
Electroshock Therapy at Tough Mudder 2017 - SilkFred take Tough Mudder
Andrew making it all look so easy

Obligatory Team Photos

If you didn’t get team photos, did you even Tough Mudder?

SilkFred Tough Mudder Team Photo
Moral of the story – don’t wear a white vest to Tough Mudder


Team SilkFred take Tough Mudder Full 2017
Cute ?

This time next year guys? Nah, probably not.

X SF Team

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