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So SF lovers, lets talk about vegan friendly products. This is a type of lifestyle, it generally started out as a healthy eating regime is now having a knock-on effect on fashion trends and the way fashion is approached by many celebrities and top fashion designers. With important personalities becoming more and more involved in the production of animal friendly clothing, footwear and accessories!

Vegan leather for example, is made in the same way as many other fashion essentials. Depending on the way it is created, it can be practically undistinguishable from real leather. So pro vegan-friendly shoppers are baffled as to why it is people still choose real leather? Does it bother you if your bag comes from an animal or if its fabricated in a way that could potentially be kinder to our environment? Having said this, many argue that the way these environmentally friendly products are created aren’t so environmentally friendly after all…

Big names like Natalie Portman, Stella McCartney and Suzy Amis Cameron are just a few big supporters of this movement, having each shown the public different ways of approaching fashion: Natalie Portman has started her own range of non-leather shoes, Stella McCartney has designed her new range with animal friendly products, and Suzy Cameron created “Red Carpet, Green Dress‘ encouraging stars on the red carpet to wear sustainable fashion gowns. These are just a few names in the business that are trying to make a change! – –

portman20natalie20shoe20treehugger stellamccartney1Red-Carpet-Green-Dress

Here at SilkFred we think that faux goods can be just as beautiful as real animal skin or fur, having created our Vegan Friendly page specifically for you guys! Making it easier for our SF tribe to find what they’re looking for and give them an idea of what sustainable fashion pieces are out there!

Here are a few examples of celebrities sporting faux and real leather or fur items and some similar products we have here at SF!!

Beyonce and Jay Z leaving through the rear entrance of Crossroads Restaurant after having lunch Featuring: Beyonce Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 06 Dec 2013 Credit: STS/WENN.comlarge_e34iyg3_iP2TyTvRl-AlEg5pEehmQ0AFnFI3HmTxJHU  b0ee370246ae54dc25e204a38d9d6473xlarge_naanaa-naanaa-rita-faux-leather-bodycon-dress-p346-8613_zoom –

We believe that it is up to the individual to decide what and how they wear it, but if you can wear something that has been created in a less harmful way and look as cool as ever, how cool is that?

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