Most-Searched This Week: Jumpsuits

New jumpsuits
Ooh, new Jumpsuits!

You guys have been making full use of the SilkFred search bar this week, looking for everything from blazers to bikinis. But nothing has been typed into that rectangular box more often than ‘jumpsuit.’ Maybe it’s the ‘Fleabag jumpsuit‘ that created quite the clicking frenzy last week. Or maybe you just want a one-minute outfit that allows you at least 2 more snooze buttons in the morning. Either way, we thought if you’re searching for them, we should show you our latest and greatest.

1. Someone getting married over there?

Because this jumpsuit is begging for an invite.


Light pink jumpsuit

Halterneck jumpsuit in light pink

2. The chameleon

The jumpsuit that you can adapt for work, weddings, or weekend plans. Just accessorise accordingly.

Light grey boilersuit
Satin boilersuit in pale grey

3. Heatwave-approved

If we only had 1kg luggage allowance, we’d still be packing this.

Beige jumpsuit
Culotte jumpsuit in beige

4. Those summer ni-iiights

What do we want? Late night tapas on a Spanish terrace! When do we want it? Now! What are we wearing? This!

Yellow satin jumpsuit
Satin jumpsuit in yellow

5. Because you always need a black one

Yes, Mum, even in summer.

Puff sleeve jumpsuit in black
Puff sleeve jumpsuit in black. See more black jumpsuits here.



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