We Now Offer Free UK Returns!

Free UK Returns Are Here

SilkFred Free UK Returns Are Here

We want to let you know that we and our brands now offer free returns on UK orders when you shop on SilkFred.com. This is a very exciting step for us as a business and I want to let you know what was involved in bringing this project to life and also something we’d like you to consider before you return an item to us. 

Since we launched SilkFred in 2012 our goal has been to make our customers happy and empower the brands we partner with. We think about how to improve our customer experience constantly and spend hours poring over your comments and feedback. We know that our customers have been asking for free returns for a long time and we’ve worked alongside our brands for the last 18 months to make this happen. 

When you shop on SilkFred, you’re buying from independent brands who are sometimes teams of ten people, sometimes they are teams of one. Sometimes orders come from our warehouse, sometimes they come from the brand directly. This is so we can give our customers access to an exciting mix of fashion that is unique and you can’t get anywhere else, whilst supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Why Did It Take So Bloody Long?

It might seem like a simple thing to decide to make returns free (like flicking a switch!) but here we had many hurdles to get over. Additionally because we work with 800 brand partners, we thought a lot about the financial impact this decision may have on them. This is what we had to do to get free returns going:

  1. Negotiate costs to make sure our brands don’t lose money on free returns
  2. Go through all our numbers to make sure we can still stay afloat when offering free returns
  3. Rejiggle our costs with Royal Mail
  4. Integrate with Royal Mail’s platform (months of work from the tech team!) so that you can produce returns labels no matter which brand(s) you shop from. 

It was a huge team effort here at SilkFred. It involved hours and hours of work from every team in the business. Lots of coffee, lots of late nights and a few glasses of prosecco at the end! 

We’re Excited!

We believe that whilst you might love shopping from us and the brands we work with, it was clear that you wanted us to offer an experience more in line with the bigger online retailers. It’s a big expense for us and our brands, most of whom are small companies and startups like us. After weeks of agonising we decided that making our customers happy was the most important thing so along with our brands, we decided to give free returns a try. 

Thank you for supporting SilkFred and the independent brands we partner with. I’d love to know any feedback you might have so please me an email at emma.watkinson@silkfred.com.

– Emma Watkinson, CEO & Co-Founder

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We Now Offer Free UK Returns!

SilkFred Free UK Returns Are Here We want to let you know...
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