3 Fashion Trends for you to Leave in 2018

Leopard Print Wrap Midi Skirt with Cream Jumper

The new year brings with it the tradition of resolutions – generally ones along the lines of supposed self improvement. However, long before February rolls around gyms across the country get quieter, fast food venues welcome old regulars and bottles of wine are cracked open. Let’s face it, resolutions are hard.

However, we have a way for you to stay on the resolution band waggon – a resolution that takes very little will power and reaps a whole heap of rewards. This is the year you resolve to give your wardrobe a makeover. That’s right, you’ve technically made a resolution, but instead of losing anything, you gain a whole lot of style. Genius, right?

To really take your resolution to the next level, resolve to not only spice up your selection of clothes, but also not to be held back by outdated fashion ‘rules’. Rules are for school uniforms, not a killer wardrobe. They encourage restraint, when really, fashion is all about expression. Who wants to walk down the street to be confronted by a sea of beige? Not I.

Here are three fashion ‘rules’ for you to leave in 2018.

  1. Don’t mix prints or clashing colours.

Mixing prints might instil a sense of fashion fear in you – it’s considered bold, brash, in your face. However, it’s also fun, eye catching and unique. Furthermore, it’s 2019, why not be bold?

If you’re new to this, start by mixing one or two prints to get you acclimatised. Simple prints, such as spots and stripes are a great basis for this – think of them as prints for beginners. The simplicity of these types of print means that when you wear them together you make a statement, but you don’t scream it for the world to hear. This is the mild end of clashing prints. You get bonus points if the prints you choose venture away from monochrome and into colours.

To really embrace clashing prints, mix in bold colours and perhaps a third print – that’s right, really mix it up. This doesn’t have to be done through mixing and matching separate items either; more and more designers have been creating outfits that are made of several different prints to begin with. The Jagger Maxi by Dancing Leopard is a single dress made from a variety of prints – leopard, polka dot and floral. Add simple accessories (hoop earrings, delicate necklaces) and your outfit is complete.

clashing prints done right

  1. Never be seen in double denim.

If it’s good enough for cowboys, it’s good enough for us. One minute you’re being told your outfit clashes, the next it’s too ‘matchy matchy’ – and apparently both are bad. I’m not saying that you should wear denim from head to toe. I’m not saying that wearing multiple pieces of denim won’t give you a slight ‘fresh off the ranch’ vibe. But do not be afraid to wear it twice in one go. Black skinny or slim fit jeans and a black denim jacket are great for a coordinated look that is both contemporary and classic.

As for blue denim, it’s never been more popular in streetwear. Mix and match until you’re happy and throw on some white trainers to keep it super casual.

Jean Denim with a Nice Top

  1. You need a separate summer and winter wardrobe.

Wrong! Unless you’re seriously loaded or have a personal clothes factory, chances are that you have one lot of clothes and they need to do it all. The vast majority of us have neither the budget, space or time to be meticulously curating a wardrobe for each season. Also, if you live in Britain, you often experience all four seasons in one day. I don’t know about you, but even in the middle of summer I have a jacket available and factored in to my outfit, ‘just in case’.

There is a lot to be said for a wardrobe that has pieces for all occasions and weather scenarios. Mixing a flowy midi dress (some would see these as only suitable for summer) with a winter knit, creates the perfect outfit for chillier days. Add trainers when you’re keeping it casual or opt for patent sock boots at smarter occasions – your outfit options just multiplied!

Leopard Print Skirt with Dark Grey Jumper


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