3 Hair clips to nail this year’s biggest accessory trend

Hair clips for 2019
Accessory trend of 2019: The hair clip

Last year, it was all baker boy hats, micro sunglasses and the return of the bum bag. In 2019, a new trend has emerged and taken over our social feeds: The Hair Clip. And if you were also a 13 year old who spent 80% of her pocket money in Claire’s on a Saturday morning, you’ll be thrilled about this 90s comeback. Here’s our run down of the only 3 you need to take into summer. Extra 2019 points for wearing all three at once. 

1. The oversized pear hair clip

Just in case you’re not convinced the hair clip trend is actually a thing, searches for “pearl hair clip” have risen over 1500% in the last year in the UK. In fact, searches went from 17, 890 to 26,540 between February and March of this year. We predict a frenzy for these oversized offerings from Ajouter Store.


Oversized pearl hair clip
Oversized pearl hair clips


2. The statement clip

Are slogan hair clips this year’s slogan tee? According to how we’ve been styling every second outfit lately… yes, yes they are. We’re planning on pairing ours with a cute white dress for daytime summer activities, and with the Dove dress a la Louise Thompson, pictured above, for late night tapas on Holidays.

Slogan hair clips
Statement pearl hair clips

3. The tortoiseshell hair clip

Right behind pearl is tortoiseshell, which has weaved it’s way into every accessory this year, from earrings and glasses to belt buckles and shoe straps. Manifesting boho 70s vibes, tortoiseshell goes particularly well with the strong au natural trend doing the rounds right now (Think straw bags and shell anklets).

Tortoiseshell hair clips
Tortoiseshell hair slides


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