5 Brands That Are Saying No To Photoshop

Photoshop has been around for a while now and our society increasingly uses softwares of the sort to change their appearance. People everywhere want to look like these so called perfect human beings who have ‘no flaws’ that we see all over our screens or in the pages of magazines. No need for extreme dieting or going under the knife, people can look totally different at the click of a few buttons.

Many brands magazines have been criticised over the past years for their extensive use of photoshopping, making celebrities and models seem completely different to what they actually look like in real life. This has lead to more brands deciding, slowly but surely, to use non-photoshopped images for their campaigns, to prove to everyone that natural bodies are beautiful, that we should be admiring real women, women who are proud of their bodies and don’t care for stereotypes.

Here are a few of the brands that have joined the club, and we’re happy to say SilkFred is among the crew!

  • Aerie for American Eagle

In 2014, American Eagle launched ‘Aerie Real’. All of the photos used were completely untouched. Making features such as freckles, tattoos or scars visible to the public, features that would never normally appear on models. This showcased that they are not flaws, they are individual traits that should be celebrated.

“They are still models, they’re still gorgeous… they just look a little more like the rest of us. We hope by embracing this that real girls everywhere will start to embrace their own beauty.”Brand Representative


  • Seventeen Magazine

In 2012, Julia Bluhm a then 14 year old girl from Maine started a petition that entailed at least one spread in the magazine should be published with non-photoshopped images. The petition achieved over 84.000 signatures and then lead to the magazine pledging an eight-point Body Peace Treaty, which stated that they would not alter the faces or bodies of their models.

“While we work hard behind the scenes to make sure we’re being authentic, your notes made me realise that it was time for us to be more public about our commitment.” – Editor In Chief of Seventeen Mag.


  • Modcloth

You’ve probably seen an advertisement belonging to Modcloth somewhere, it would have been noticeable because of the women they use for their campaigns, women of all shapes and sizes. Modcloth is a swimwear company that signed the Truth in Advertising Heroes Pledge back in 2014, pledging to not edit the appearance of their models; be it skin colour, scars, tattoos, body or face shape, etc.

Modcloth states that Photoshop isn’t the problem, that the responsibility lies with the company and the people who are administering this software.










  • SilkFred

SilkFred prides itself on being a brand that represents all women. We believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, self-confidence is the ultimate beauty trick. When we photoshoot styles ourselves, we don’t alter the shapes of our models, we don’t airbrush their bodies, these are real women who enjoy feeling comfortable in their own skin. They are beautiful.

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  • Dove

Probably one of the most popular brands when it comes to loving yourself, Dove launched The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty back in 2004. The campaign included advertisements, videos, workshops, sleepover events, the publication of a book and the production of a play. The aim since then is to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.


We should all be working towards an advertising world that promotes natural beauty. Young girls and boys are growing up believing that they’re not beautiful because they don’t look like the models we see everywhere around us. We should be encouraging the young and old to take care of themselves, exercise, eat healthy and varied foods, cleanse, rest, etc. But most of all, that beauty comes from within, and it’s more important to learn to love with yourself than to gain more followers on Instagram.

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