7 Packing Hacks That Saved My Holiday

One of my favourite things in the world is traveling, but when it comes to organising my suitcase, packing can become a journey in itself. Up until recently I typically over or under packed, but after reading many different blogs and watching loads of videos on the matter (as well as asking my nan about her packing skills – the woman is an encyclopaedia when it comes to tips about, well anything really), my packing skills have improved, if I may say so myself.

Here are the hacks I found most useful, and easier to put into practise than expected.

1. Layering is the most effective trick: People say ‘roll your clothes’. WRONG! You will create more space by spreading your clothes out as thinly as possible. For example, with trousers, fold the legs together and lay them vertically down the case, if the bottom of them hang over the edge, simply fold them back on themselves.

2. Stick your underwear inside of your shoes: I would usually have to rummage through all of my neatly packed clothing to find any underwear, but now I pack in a way that benefits both my underwear and my shoes. This method will help maintain the shape of your footwear, while keeping all of your smaller pieces in one place. Wrap your shoes in plastic bags to avoid dirt spreading around the case.

3. To avoid you handbag getting flattened between everything, place soft items like pyjamas, scarves or swimwear inside of it: If you are the type of gal that likes to change her handbag on a daily/weekly basis, you can now take more than one with you, without taking up too much space. These items won’t crease and by folding them, you will keep the shape of the bag intact.

4. Put your finer wear into a dry cleaning bag or suit cover: If you’re planning on going somewhere fancy or have a special event during your travels, this is very useful and effective. Suit trousers can be placed as mentioned in point number 1, but suit jackets and gowns will benefit from being separate from the rest of your clothing. Remember to remove the hangers, as they will take up unnecessary space.

5. The perfect make up travel bag is one that splits into two halves: When it comes to make up, it’s hard to travel light. By being able to lay it flat, you will have more room for clothes! I highly recommend putting your make-up bag/s into plastic bags, to avoid finding make-up stains on your clean clothes.


6. Store your cables in a pencil case or empty sunglass case: That way they’ll all be in one place and won’t get damaged while the case is being moved about.

7. Place a piece of clingfilm under and around the lid of your liquids: There’s nothing worse than opening your case or toiletry bag and finding your liquids have combusted inside. To avoid spillage, simply place a piece of clingfilm in between and around the lid, covering the hole. Take the bits leftover and wrap them around the lid. If past experiences have made you weary, duck tape is always a final solution.

Packing can be a tiresome process, but when done with ease, it can make the trip that lies ahead even more exciting, as it’s simply the first steps of your holiday. These hacks helped me arrange my case in a structured way, which allowed me to spend less time trying to find clothing and more time exploring my destination. Hopefully these pointers are of some use to you #SFtribe. We enjoy receiving feedback on the information we share too, so if you have any interesting and useful tips, then spread the word.

Enjoy lovelies, SF team x

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