8 Daily Habits Successful People Have In Common

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ – Antoine De Saint Exupery

They say the way you start your day usually has a notable impact on the way the rest of your day transpires, I personally am a firm believer of this notion. Most successful individuals tend to have similar habits throughout the day, so ladies, in order to get an insight into what a ‘successful’ person does, I’ve compiled a list of the most common parts of their daily routine:

  • Yes, unfortunately it’s true… successful individuals wake up early, giving themselves more time in a day to get things done. They will do their main tasks first, before taking on those belonging to others.
  • They exercise. Be it walking, going to the gym, dancing, pilates or yoga… They will be involved in some form of working out. A healthy body equals a healthy mind in their eyes, they wouldn’t let joining a gym slip too far down their to do list.


  • Drinking plenty of water is an important part of their day to day life. As they save coffee for rendez-vous or networking.
  • Spending quality time with their spouses and families is key to their success. They believe that a good equilibrium between work and family time helps keep them on track, and they’re right!


  • Staying up to date with the current affairs. By checking their emails or other forms of social media frequently they don’t miss a beat and stay in the know with relevant information. They believe you should never stop improving yourself, after all Michael Angelo did say ‘I am still learning‘.
  • Many successful people are known to practise meditation or some form of stress relief exercises. It allows them take time for themselves and helps them stay calm throughout their busy schedules.


  • They love a good list! Whether it be writing down what they’re grateful for, to do lists or simply writing for pleasure, they appreciate reminders and the idea of putting pen to paper.
  • Reading. Be it a newspaper or a good book, they like to let their minds wander for a while before getting back to it!


Experts at the Florida State University have cited that willpower (self-discipline) is the same as a muscle, by overusing it, you will become fatigued. In order to not overwork yourself, it is important to prioritise; to realise what needs to be done when the day starts, seen as by the afternoon, the body and mind are more likely to be less productive. Albeit not a physical part of their routine, a recurrent outlook they share is ‘If it has to happen, then it has to happen first’, as author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam has proven in her book “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast“.

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