8 Reasons You Want Your Own Place

When your high-school years come to an end, as for most teenagers, going to university is the first time you’ll live away from home. You will inevitably share accommodation with other students, which can be quite difficult at times, but it can also be an unforgettable experience. You love the happy mess of living all together, and even though you could live happily ever after like that most of the time, there are a few tiny details that you fantasise about:

  1. Privacy. You know what it’s like to live with a bunch of people, having to share a bathroom and kitchen, now it’s time for you to have your own privacy. Not having to dash to your room and make sure you lock the door whilst still soaking wet is nice. 
  2. It’s all up to you. Everything is your choice. The way you decorate your new place, what food you eat, the music you have playing, when you do your laundry, having the movies you like watching over and over again on, when you tidy up… it’s all solely your decision. It’s great not being nagged to wash your dishes right away or hurry up out of the shower!
  3. Personal space. You have your own space that no one else can intrude on. It’s important to have some alone time, without being interrupted by a drunken/depressed/overjoyed roomie walking in or by noise coming from the dorm room next to yours…
  4. No meeting the embarrassing flatmates. There is nothing more awkward then inviting a low-key date round to yours and walking in on full-house. You pray they offer to go to theirs, but if it doesn’t work, you have to tap into your C.I.A alter-ego and be super quiet while sneaking him in.
  5. Limitless. There is no one telling you to keep the music down by 10pm, you can have as many people over as you like, come home at whatever time in the morning suits you, all you have to remember are your keys, and try not to lose them. 
  6. The food is all yours. Even though there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal, being able to buy whatever food you want, without it being eaten that same day by someone other than you, is appealing. You won’t feel guilty about all the wine bottles either.
  7. Everything lasts longer. Like your food, other bits you buy for yourself or your flat lasts a lot longer. No showering and once soaking wet realising there’s no shampoo, no going to the bathroom and there being no toilet paper, no finding other peoples dirty underwear in the laundry…
  8. It’s time to let go. Even though it’s hard, living independently is a step forward. Be it on your own or with a partner/friend, your parents have brought you up and now it’s their time, and I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to say goodbye to those annoying people in your dorm. You’re in charge of your own life now, having your own place is a wonderful adventure, enjoy! 

Good luck! N x



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