An Oscars Timeline in Fashion

In the midst of award season, everyone in the business is making sure they are looking their best. The glitter and glam is contagious, with all the ladies looking gorgeous from head to toe in fabulous frocks and the men looking dapper in their James Bond suits. Halls are filling with some of the most beautiful, talented and admired artists in the world, rewarding them for their dedication to their craftsmanship and for all their efforts over the past year. Roll on the red carpets!

Aside from the awards themselves, this season everyone will have their eye on the same thing, what are the worlds leading ladies going to be wearing? Showing off their essence in some of the most expensive ensembles, some designed specifically for the actress herself by the designer, we thought it only fair we create a timeline to remind our lovely SF tribe of the jaw-dropping outfits that have been worn throughout the years of this amazing ceremony we know as The Oscars and how the styles have changed since the show began!

1950-60’s – The hourglass figure was in full swing during the 50’s up until the beginning of the 60’s. With nipped in waists as far as the eye could see, the skirts were either fully padded and cropped above the ankle, Audrey Hepburn and Elisabeth Taylor wore gowns of this style in 1954 and 1961 respectively, or full length pencil skirts as worn by Grace Kelly in 1955. By the mid sixties two-pieces were very common, with designers like Chanel having designed the tweed suit for women which became a world-wide style. Towards the end of the decade, the idea that ‘less is more’ came into play, with skirts shortening to above the knee and see-through garments becoming fashionable, Barbara Streisand is an example of both trends in one in 1969.

 grace-kelly-life-cover LizTaylor-rex1961_2454703a barbra-streisand-1969

1970-80’s – During both decades, new trends appeared that were completely different from anything the world had seen before, with the ‘hippy’ era appearing in the late sixties/early seventies, transitioning into disco and sportswear fashion, leading to spin off trends like punk and grunge. The sixties styles were influenced by the incorporation of women into different working environments, which generated a more masculine style, with more women wearing trousers and ‘suits’, Sissy Spaeck being an example of this trend in 1981. Meryl Streep being inspired by a more hippie style in 1982, with Cher leaning more towards a disco fever in 1988. Jodie Foster is already showing signs of 90’s fashion in her cropped but girly light blue dress in 1989.

rs_584x1024-150217142459-634-oscars-sissy gallery_3_5 cher rs_634x1024-150217115612-634-oscars-foster

1990-00’s – Moving onto the 90’s. The 90’s saw a return to minimalism, in contrast to past eras like the 80’s. With pastel colours being prominent in fashion, such as the dress worn by Jodie Foster shown previously or that of Gwyneth Paltrow, which she wore in 1999. By 2000, there was what is considered a mash-up of styles, many different trends appeared and re-appeared together. Julia Roberts wore a vintage dress the night she won her Oscar in 2001, the first winner to wear a vintage piece. Halle Berry wore a mixed fabric garment in 2002, with flowers adorning its front, resembling designs from previous decades. Back to basics, Charlize Theron wore a simple white gown the night she won her Oscar in 2004, representing the whole concept of minimalism.

gwyneth-paltrow-oscar 324482-julia-roberts-41a36 Halle-Berry-in-Elie-Saab 2000+Vanity+Fair+Oscar+party+PBRfS2ySKHHl

2010-13 – Albeit still in process, this is characterised by, among many different trends; grunge, unisex clothing and minimalism. This is a global era for fashion, with ‘less is more’ having the opposite meaning to which it did in the 60’s, showing skin is stylish but now on a more delicate level, with feminine cuts and a multitude of different designs all at the same time. Colours are demure and simple; a lot of whites, blacks, pastel colours and the likes of gold and silver. As depicted here by the four beautiful ladies underneath; Oscar winner Sandra Bullock in 2010, Mila Kunis in 2011, Angelina Jolie in 2012 and Jennifer Lawrence the night she won her Oscar in 2013 for Best Actress.

hbz-oscars-2010-sandra-bullock-de mila-kunis-oscar-dress 84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals jennifer-lawrence-1

We thought it worth mentioning a few celebrity couples whose fame increased while together, and showcased they gorgeousness on the red carpet during the 90’s. Wearing only the best, looking as drool-worthy as ever, the most loved couples stepped out, whipping up a storm! (Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow and finally, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise).

b8626bd0e60e77151234d6d60180f0a6 79323dd21905b51fbf1abb61aa9d641c The 68th Annual Academy Awards 1329932206_nicole-kidman-560

All these stunning ladies, who throughout the years have embodied fashion and the essence of female empowerment. Each year they leave us in awe when they step onto the red carpet. Who do you think will be the best dressed this year? We shall soon find out!

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