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Since the beginning, fashion and film have gone hand in hand. Either the stars and the characters they portray have influenced the fashion industry or vice versa, designers have created trends that have consequently been incorporated in world renowned films.

One of these global sensations, that has influenced fashion and continues to do so is PULP FICTION. Tarantino never ceases to amaze and with the release of his second movie in 1994, twenty two years later and it is still a hit in every way. To celebrate it’s creation over twenty years ago, designers took to their sketch boards, creating re-worked pieces based on the characters depicted in the movie.

One very influential character in particular was the desirable Mia Wallace, played by the lovely Uma Thurman. As one of the main characters in the film, her deep and dark ways with her sharp look, inspired many designers for their Spring/Summer collections.

Her sharp black bob was implemented into Mark Jacobs catwalk.

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Crisp white shirts were key in many collections seen on the SS’16 catwalk.

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Then finally, her ultra cool trench coat was re-worked by designer Rag & Bone.

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It is fascinating how so many factors can influence what we wear, why we choose to wear it and when we wear it. Over two decades have passed since the release of this masterpiece, yet it still continues to influence fashion and the designers involved in it.

Like the previously mentioned, many other movies have also had a great impact on the industry, such as cult and non-cult films like Clueless, The Royal Tenenbaums and Greese. These are just few among many that have created eras in fashion and will continue to leave their mark timelessly.

So next time you’re watching a successful movie, be it old or new, have a look at the wardrobe and see if it came from the catwalk or has later gone on to influence it, you might get a head start on a global trend, you trend setter you!

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