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Even though SilkFred is a fashion based company, we like to think our fellow brands come from all different backgrounds, with interests in diverse fields. One brand we’re a big fan of, and like to consider our friend, is Four Fox Saké.

For those of you who like Japanese cuisine and culture, this is a read for you. As you probably know, London is a hotspot, with a good reputation at that, for Japanese restaurants. Be it some with a more modern and alternative twist, there are also classic Japanese hubs where sitting on the floor whilst eating your meal is the only option. One thing that is certain though, is the presence of one drink in every single Japanese restaurant you visit, saké.

Our friends at Four Fox Saké have created a classic version of the drink. Be it that saké is everywhere, it is rare to find a form made from pure ingredients all the way from it’s homeland, a creation that is the essence of this ancient drink.

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In order to have a better understanding of why we like Four Fox Saké so much, we think it a good idea to share with you SF tribe a bit about it’s history and what makes this brand so special.

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The crest that has been encrusted on the bottle stems from Japanese mythology, Inari Okami. It is the god of rice, sword-smiths, foxes and saké. The fox spirits of Inari were trusted to protect the Torii gates, only allowing the purest of spirits to pass. Four Fox Saké is a representation of purity.

To create a unique drink, the ingredients needed to be the finest. The purest water comes from snow, this led them to Tsunan, Niigata. An area that boasts a greater annual snowfall than Oslo or Moscow. The highest official designation for saké is Junmai Daiginjo. Junmai represents the ultimate in purity; only water, rice and koji are used.

‘It is time for the world to discover what Japan has known for millennia. Saké is not a drink to only be enjoyed in restaurants. It is a drink to be celebrated everywhere, in a class of its own.’ 

Try it out for yourself and you’ll see why this brand aims to stand out from the rest, which it seems to already be achieving. If you’re searching for pure Japanese saké, this is the choice for you! Check out the award winning documentary about The Birth of Saké too for further insight.


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