“This is hands-down the most flattering top I’ve ever worn”

Is this the most flattering top ever?
the top you'll want every version of

Jeans and a nice top always seems like the easy option. Until you realise your “nice top” has complicated straps that create an impossible bra situation, or it doesn’t go with your jeans, it’s too boring for a night out, or it’s too jazzy for a casual brunch. You get it –  finding the perfect ‘nice top’ that can solve all your last-minute ‘what to wear’ woes is an art, a science, and most of all – a pain in the arse. Enter… the Kimono knot top. The kimono knot top has consistently been one of our bestsellers for a long time. Which caused us to pause and ask “why?” What is it about this top that people love so much? So we asked customers who had bought the Kimono knot top to tell us. And it soon became quite apparent.


“It’s a lifesaver when you get bloated on a night out”

The kimono top is a great bloat-friendly option for food-based plans, whether you suffer from IBS, or you’re feeling the repercussions of tapas plate no.10. It’s roomy enough around the tummy to keep you comfortable, and the tie-knot drapes over your midline incase you’re feeling self-conscious about the bloat getting in the way of your immaculately-planned look.

Kimono top in blue
Kimono top in blue

“It’s the perfect happy medium between casual and fancy”

We’ve all had those awkward plans that don’t quite demand a dress and heels, but you probably shouldn’t turn up in a hoodie, either. And for such situations, the Kimono knot top is ideal. Brunch date, after-work drinks, meeting the in-laws – you’re sorted. If in doubt, go with the black…

Kimono top in black
Kimono top in black

“I can wear it from work to the pub without having to change”

Everyone loves a work top they can promote to pub top at 5pm. Bonus: the kimono knot top doesn’t need ironing, which means yes, yes you can press snooze again. We love this plum version with black leather trousers for now, and a brighter option with white wide-leg trousers for sunnier climes.

Kimono knot top
Kimono knot top

“I can wear my granny bra with it”

We’ve all bought tops we loved on the model, only to try it on and realise it is not compatible with a bra. ANY bra. On the contrary, you can wear your comfiest, ugliest bra under the kimono knot top and you’ll look great. This green version is particularly susceptible to compliments.

Kimono knot top in green
Kimono knot top in green

Need to get it in every colour?

We can help with that. As well as the featured blue, white, green, black and plum options, there’s also a pink, coral, light blue and polka dot version.


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