National Puppy Day: SilkFred’s Canine Companions

National Puppy Day Pupdate Dogs of SilkFred

Do you still get that urge to point and shout ‘dog!’ every time you see one? Yeah, us too. In celebration of National Puppy Day (a v. important day if you ask us), the team at SilkFred have shared pics of their pooch pals. Think of this as one big pupdate to lift the spirits.

1. Kodi And His Human, Edina

First up we have the marketing team’s Edina and her spaniel Kodi. Fun fact about Kodi: he can spin, roll over and high five. Next up on the trick list: how to do the washing up.

National Puppy Day Kodi the Spaniel
Kodi the spaniel on supervising duty.

2. Bambi And Her Human, Alison

Bambi is Alison from the Brands team’s rescue pup. This lil Jack Russell has quite the story to tell. From Alison:

“I came across an animal charity back in November. I wanted to help out, so reached out to foster one of their dogs. And so arrived this little brown and white jack Russell a few days later. Her owner set out to put her to sleep, but the vet wouldn’t facilitate this and so handed her over to the charity. When she arrived to me, she weighed 5kg, was scared of everything and unable to leave my side. With a lot of love and care, she now weighs 7.1kg and is the happiest little girl. She loves robbing bread from the swans along the canal, sleeping in the sun, looking at herself in the mirror and her pink elephant teddy.”

National Puppy Day Bambi the Dog
Looks like Bambi has spotted some treats…

3. Bella And Her Human, Alice

Now, when we first saw Bella, we were convinced she was a puppy. But turns out, this bundle of fluff is 10 years old! Talents are: being adorable and small. She lives with Alice from the marketing team.

National Puppy Day Bella the lhasa apso
Bella the lhasa apso getting a crash course in video editing.

4. Ruby And Her Human, Nicola (Behind The Camera)

Ruby the puppy is just over a year old, and lives with Nicola from the brands team. Described as gentle, friendly and loving, this little scamp is *full* of energy and is rather partial to chasing birds and squirrels. Her best friend is Merkel the German Pointer, who barks at Ruby to calm down if she gets a little overexcited.

National Puppy Day Pupdate Dogs of SilkFred
Ruby the cockapoo getting ready for her conference call.

5. Bonus Pup: Rufus

No pupdate can be completed without Rufus the cockapoo. Often found at SilkFred HQ, this fluffy fella loves playing with his sock and checking that everyone is hard at work.

National Puppy Day Rufus The Cockapoo
Look. At. That. Face.

Are you a dog lover too? Or perhaps your housemate is another furry, scaley or feathered friend? We’re sharing more pet pics over on our Facebook, so feel free to join in the chat!


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