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At SF we believe it’s important for us lovely ladies to have some ‘me‘ time. If we give ourselves just a bit of loving on a daily basis, time to relax mentally and physically, we are allowing ourselves to become more productive, as well as feel pampered. We’ve made a list of things that make us here at the SF HQ feel taken care of and ready to face the tasks ahead, with a calm and cool mind, also including a few products that we highly recommend for our SF tribe!

A good soak is needed – By spending 30 minutes a day, or every other day, taking a nice bath or calming shower, you can give yourself time to switch off from the outside world for a while. Try to think of things that make you happy, everything else can wait. Nice smelly shower products can make the experience even sweeter!

Face mask it any day – Give yourself 15-20 minutes with one of these babies on, and once you’ve washed or peeled it off, apply a little bit of face cream to give your face that extra loving! – Superdrug and Boots have many to choose from, with all different functions.

*Cleansed pores are happy pores – As most of you ladies probably already do, cleansing your face in the mornings and before you go to bed is great if you want to keep your face hydrated and clean, it can give you a lift! – One product I highly recommend is Purifying Cleansing Lotion by Simple. Massage it around your face with two cotton pads, it cleanses as well as moisturises, leaving your skin feeling super soft. Love it!

Stay kissable – A little bit of lip balm can easily brighten up your face up, even if all you’re desiring is a nice warm bed! – Two you should definitely try are Carmex and Born Lippy. Carmex has a strong menthol flavour and is great if you have split lips, seen as it heels it quickly. The Born Lippy collection by The Body Shop is literally delicious, they smell (and taste – ask your other half, I’m sure he’s noticed it) to die for, leaving your lips feeling smooth and looking shimmery.

Nails nails nails – Spending 15-30 minutes on your nails and toenails can make a difference to your appearance, all you have to concentrate on is doing them how you like (and maybe not spilling anything or smudging them). It can be a soothing process, and time for you to focus on you. – A base and top coat you MUST try is Revlon Quick Dry. After I started applying a layer of the Quick Dry Base Coat before painting the colour of my choice, then a layer of Quick Dry Top Coat, my nails became much stronger and shinier, people usually think they’re gel nails. They can last over a week!

Away with the ‘bad hair day’ – It’s very easy for us females to let something like a bad hair day drive us mad. By applying a bit of hair serum after every wash you can keep it under control, leave it smelling and looking fab! – Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Hair Serum by John Frieda is one I highly recommend for curly hair. It’s best to apply when your hair is wet or damp, as it’s a thick liquid and with too much of it, can look greasy. Moroccan Oil is great for straighter hair seen as it’s a thinner mixture. Give them a try!

A few other indulgences that you should take the time to do, depending on your tastes, are read, listen to your favourite relaxing music, exercise, write or meditate, these are all ideas that can calm the mind and body during that needed time.

Again, spending up to an hour on yourself on a daily basis can change your attitude and stress levels. Us females need time to be in our own world and think about enjoyable things. Try it out, even if it seems impossible and the workload is heavy. You’ll see how motivated you are and pampered you’ve made yourself feel, ready to take on the world!

Stay beautiful, N x

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