The Global Trend That Is Athleisure

Athleisure, in summary, is a fashion trend that entails wearing sportswear/activewear outside of the gym.

A trend that has been around since the 90’s, it has never been as mainstream as it is today, having become globally popular in recent years. Some of the worlds most well-known and influential people practically live in their trackies now, and of course, the public has followed suit.


The reason behind this new trend you ask? One of the most notable causes is the modern day desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Most people nowadays are very body conscious and like to keep an eye on what they eat, wanting to maintain the best figure possible. (It’s no surprise one of the initial hotspots for this trend is somewhere one could call extremely appearance conscious, Los Angeles).

Another main factor: comfort and style all in one. We all know the saying ‘no pain, no gain’; well now, the fashion industry is heading in a more comfort-orientated direction. Even though catwalk fashion will never go out of style, people are interested in spending their money on products that make them feel sporty and comfortable, without looking like they belong in a trailer park… (or try to anyway).

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In 2014, it seemed that global sales in this department had grown by 1% since the previous year. Although it may not seem like a grand amount, it equated to $2(£1.4) billion in sales, and has been growing increasingly ever since.

Over the past few years celebrities and important brands have collaborated to make both sporty and fashionable products. These lines have gone on to be best-sellers, with products selling out over night. A few of the most current and notable ones are:

Rihanna x Fenty Puma In December of 2014, it was announced that Rihanna would become a Creative Director for Puma, overseeing the brands womenswear collections, which included clothing and footwear.


Kanye West x Adidas – Both parties confirmed their plans to collaborate on a footwear range together back in 2013. Last year his own clothing line and footwear collection were released under the brand name Yeezy.


Beyonce Ivy Park x Topshop – Queen B recently debuted her own line of activewear called Ivy Park. It was announced in 2014 that her and mega retailer Topshop would be collaborating.


Because of this boom, brands have started to invest in creating their own sports apparel and footwear, even if their current collections have no association with activewear or have had previously. Saying they do well would be an understatement.

Victoria’s Secret Sport > VSX – Back in 2002, VS launched a sister brand called PINK. It’s directed at a younger audience and has a wider range of products; one of these being loungewear, which has evolved into a sportswear collections too.


Although it may have a large following at the moment, one important figure in the fashion industry has stated: ‘you wouldn’t see anyone walking down the streets of Paris in a tracksuit, it’s just not acceptable‘. Oh, French ladies…

So, are we encouraging people to be more active by constantly wearing gym attire or is it simply a trend like any other? In conclusion, are you sporting athleisure or not? No pun intended…

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