Top 10 Tips To Ace That Job Interview

It’s only normal to feel nervous before an interview, but it’s imperative to not let your nerves get the better of you. Many of us have suffered the humiliation of answering awkward questions (or not being able to…) during what can be an excruciatingly long and unsuccessful interview. But after collecting information from many interviewers, they have multiple ‘do’s and don’ts’ in common. Pay attention lovelies, as you may be doing one of the following, be it consciously or not…

1. Don’t make your resume 3 pages long: interviewers aren’t interested in your life story, they want the most relevant and important information only. A simple, structured CV showcases your level of efficiency and capability of highlighting key data. Always bring a printed CV to an interview.

2. The energy you project in your first interview matters: nobody is going to hire someone who seems glum, as if they want to be anywhere but in that room. Then again, overenthusiastic people can seem insincere and become tiring. Try to find an even keel.

3. First impressions count: wearing the correct attire for your first interview is crucial. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t apply in this scenario. Check out SFs ‘What to wear to an interview‘ video for some top tips and outfit ideas for what could be a life changing moment.

4. Provide links to your online business profiles: it’s recommended to share links to online profiles that highlight your key strengths and experiences, be it in the field you’re applying for or have worked in previously. LinkedIn is one of the most notable. Avoid any family or pet photos on these sources of information!

5. Talking about your salary in the first interview is a big NO: don’t try to negotiate during the first meeting, there is a time and a place for everything.

6. Do your homework: we’ve all become stuck on questions in one interview or another, but it’s very important to be prepared for anything and everything. There’s no point going for a position when you know little about the job itself and the company you’re ‘going to work for’.

7. A limp handshake says a lot about a person: we’re not saying snap the interviewers hand off, but a nice firm handshake states you’re ready for business.

8. Acting obnoxious or chauvinistic only leads to one outcome: don’t you worry, we can see if you’re right for the job or not so there’s no need to blow your own trumpet. Talking about your career objectives from the get go is a bad idea too, let the interviewer lead the meeting.

9. Typos are more common than you think: believe it or not, typos are very common on CVs, this is the completely wrong foot to start off on. Get someone trustworthy and well read to go through your résumé before it’s sent or handed in.

10. Mentioning past employers won’t get you any points: unless asked as to ‘why you left?’ or ‘what went wrong?’, the past is a place of reference, not residence. By this I mean it should be used to learn something from, don’t start a fresh beginning by talking about the past.

Most bosses are looking for someone honest, direct employees, who are not afraid to put themselves out there by showing what they can bring to the table and their individuality (the qualities that make you a better choice than all of the other candidates). Do your research, practise your answers, take deep breaths and be yourself. Then see how it goes from there…

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