Work from home? SilkFred has just the right tips and inspo needed

With SilkFred being an online based company, we completely understand what it’s like working remotely. Having put in our fair share of hours in a bunch of different locations… you name it, we’ve got the t-shirt!

It’s easy to become distracted when working in an independent environment, but by starting the day right and having the right set up, your home office can become part of a perfect job description.

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Your environment dictates your focus.

– Try to steer clear of surroundings that have tempting distractions in them, i.e the tv room or the bedroom. It’s vital to stay alert and stick to your schedule in order to remain productive.

– If you can, find a room that has a door or somewhere you can be sectioned off, so it actually feels like you’re in an office space.

– The way you decorate matters. The colour schemes you use are important, calming and neutral tones are ideal to keep you in the zone.

– Lighting is key. Natural light is always desired and good for you, and when it comes to electrical lights, they shouldn’t be overwhelmingly bright.

– Temperature is also a factor to consider, you don’t want to be too cold or too hot, so find what’s right for you.

– Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you strive for success. Your achievements, your goals, pieces that bring back good memories…


Your desk is your temple.

– Stay organised. The less cluttered your desk the more room you have to think!

– Keep your tummy happy. It’s recommend to keep water, tea or coffee and a few healthy snacks around so you don’t feel deprived and use it as an excuse to keep taking breaks!

– I’m a fan of plants and flowers myself, they’re a good way to brighten up your desk or work space. Who doesn’t love a nice cactus?

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Start the day right.

All of the above won’t count if you don’t get yourself ready for a good working day.

– Get up early as mornings are the busiest and most productive hours of the day.

– A nice stretch, bit of morning yoga or even a quick jog is perfect to wake your body up and get that serotonin in motion.

– Get pretty for a day of business, it’s a bad idea to stay in your pjs on workdays.

Take a break & chill. 

– Even if you have a lot to get done, it’s crucial to take a lunch break. Try to leave the area you’re working in, a change in environment is a way of refreshing the mind and body.

– Stay social. Continuing to network is fundamental in order to keep a successful job/business going, as you never know what could be behind your screen!

– When it’s time to shut off from work, you must do so. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, even if the paperwork is only a few steps away.

Distinguishing between work and ones personal life is very important when working remotely. Hopefully these tips and ideas will help you create a nice working space for yourself and remind you that everyone needs down time too, wherever you work.

SilkFred Team x

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