Customer Series: September Faves

SilkFred Customer Series: September Faves

Here at SilkFred we love clothes, but we love good stories even more! We love absolutely all of the pictures that you tag us in, but here are our top picks from the month.

Wed in Style

We were so happy to see Annie’s picture of her in the Polka Dot Midi dress for the first, legal part of her wedding. Not only is it an amazing photo, but Annie looks beautiful in the polka dot print.

SilkFred Customer Series: September Faves

“We were legally married over in County Cork where my husbands family lives, so having such a small intimate wedding will always be a treasured memory compared to the larger English do! We both have Irish in us, so it was deeply personal for me and Calum getting married out there.”

We asked Annie how the dress made her feel on the day:

“I wanted to be in a unique dress to celebrate a unique wedding. I felt and feel super confident in it, its a dress that I will treasure forever. I wore it on our honeymoon again on the last night and we got a bit emotional again seeing me in it haha! Its truly one of my favourite pieces.”

Reuniting with Old Friends

There’s nothing like re-uniting with old friends, which Lowrie did for her 21st birthday.

“All my friends from university travelled to celebrate with me which was amazing – I don’t think I’ll ever forget the effort they went to to make it, especially the 5 hour long bus trip they suffered.”

The Jodie Dress by SilkFred

We asked Lowrie how she felt rocking the Jodie Dress, and what her best memory from the night was:

“I felt so confident in the dress that I didn’t have to worry about what I looked like at all, I could just focus on having the best time. My friend Henry is in the picture with me who I’ve been close friends with for about 6 years – we hadn’t seen each other in months so it was amazing to finally see him.”

Lovely in Lace

Lee-ann looked absolutely amazing on a night out with her husband in the Cut In Neck Lace Dress at the Coco Tang Club.

AX Paris on

We asked her what the special occasion was and how she felt in the dress:

“I’m a yoga teacher, so you’d normally find me dressed in my beloved yoga pants, but I love to dress up for nights out with my husband. We have always made the effort to make sure we still have fun times and date nights together. The dress fits so well in all the right places and feels elegant and timeless.”

Babe on a Shelf

Move over, elf on a shelf, Charlotte from York looked absolutely gorgeous last Christmas in the Copper Pleated Midi Dress.

Christmas Work Party Dresses

We asked Charlotte how she felt rocking the festive dress, and what she’ll remember the most from the night:

“I was so excited to wear my new dress. It definitely had a festive feel. I had so many people complementing it and asking me where it’s from. Plus getting the chance to see old friends I hadn’t seen in years, as well as celebrating with friends and family, was amazing.”

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