Top 5 Girls Night Out Essentials for Feb


It’s hard to love a month like February – it’s dark, cold and a little bit uninspiring. No one has ever wanted February to hurry up and arrive. However, believe it or not, it’s actually the perfect time for a girls night out. Not convinced? Hear me out.

Firstly, we’ve waved goodbye to Dry January, meaning that those of us that have been abstaining can afford to indulge in a cocktail or two. Then there’s Valentine’s Day – forget it and have a dance with your best girls instead (in the words of the Spice Girls: “friendship never ends”). Finally (and most importantly), February will go a lot faster if you have a night out to look forward to.

We have all the girls night out outfits you need – just add the drinks.

Night Out Dresses: The Little Black Dress


If you don’t have a little black dress in your wardrobe you’re seriously missing out. Not only does a versatile little black dress look universally flattering on just about all body types, it can be worn time and time again. This isn’t a dress that sits at the back of your wardrobe for you to rediscover years later, this is a dress that keeps on giving. Work party? Little black dress. Date night? Little black dress. Birthday cocktails? Little black dress.

If you know that a certain style of dress always looks good on you, then buy a black dress in that fit. Bodycon styles cut from thick and supportive materials are always a good choice because they are supportive and create a flattering silhouette. Wrap dresses are also a good choice because they cinch you in at the middle but skim over the rest of your body – a classic and comfortable fit.

One of the best things about little black dresses is that simply changing shoes or accessories creates a brand new look. You can keep it simple with strappy barely there heels and minimal accessories, or you can add on pieces that are more bold. Wear makeup that is simple for a chic understated look, or turn heads with a bold red lip – the choice is yours!

2. Night Out Jumpsuits: A Stylish Alternative To a Dress


It’s more than just a little bit cold at the moment, so even with the best dress in mind, not all of us want to bare our legs to the elements. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to dresses at this time of year (and who can be bothered to shave their legs in winter?). Also, if you like to be the first person on the dance floor at any opportunity, jumpsuits reduce the risk of flashing anyone when you start to throw some shapes.

You can opt for a more minimalist style if you want an elegant look which will also elongate your legs. Alternatively, you can go bold with colours and prints – jumpsuits make great statement pieces. If you do decide to go with a print, just make sure to strip back your accessories to the bare minimum, your jumpsuit will do all the talking.

3. Easy Night Out Outfits: Jeans And A Nice Top


Have you ever answered “jeans and a nice top” when asked about what you’ll be wearing? You definitely have, because we all have. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, “jeans and a nice top” is nearly always the answer.

What’s so great about this outfit combo is that everybody owns a pair of nice jeans that they can pair with a variety of tops. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good pair. Factor into this the reality that most people have an ‘all-rounder’ pair of heels in their wardrobe – if you need a quick an affordable outfit for a girls night out, all you need to do is to get a new top.

Tops that are a bit too glamorous for day to day life are perfect for a girls night out – think lace, sequins, bold prints and sheer detail. Bodysuits are a great options because they tuck into your jeans for a flattering silhouette. Wear a belt with a statement buckle to add an extra feature to your outfit.

Tops which are simple in style also look great on a night out as they let you make bolder choices with your accessories. Think of a well fitting yet simple top as a solid base on which to build the rest of your outfit – add on statement earrings and an oversized clutch bag.

4. Girls Night Out: The Showstopper Dress

If there was ever an excuse to make people stop in their tracks, it’s a girls night out. A night out with friends is the perfect time to wear something fun, particularly if there is dancing involved. Do you want to wear sequins, a dress with a plunging neckline or an eye-catching colour? Go for it!

If colour isn’t your thing, details like sheer sleeves or panelling, embellishments and interesting necklines all make an outfit look extra special.

5. Night Out Outfit Idea: Statement Skirts


Prints, particularly animal print, are very on-trend right now and can be seen everywhere from trousers to jackets. Midi skirts are a great way to incorporate this trend into your girls night out outfit. Simply pair a skirt with a bold print and a plain top to create a beautifully balanced look. A long sleeved polo neck top will keep you cosy on even the coldest evenings, but if you’re looking to show more skin, a silky cami top is another great addition. Patent ankle boots and simple heels are the perfect shoes to show off your skirt.

What’s more, wrap style skirts can be cinched in to accentuate your waist, then loosened for the taxi ride home (and post night out chips). What’s not to love?

Getting dressed up for a girls night out is half the fun of the night itself! The only thing you need to worry about when picking an outfit is ‘can I dance in this?’.

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