How To Wear Festival Clothes In The City

Festival clothes have a few times and places and thankfully, the city is one of them. So we’re going to showcase ways to incorporate some of your favourite festival outfits into your everyday city wardrobe.

To start, leather jackets are an all-year-round staple for funky outfits, keeping you prepared for when the wind picks up or if the sun goes down when you’re out on the town. The Camila Biker Jacket is a fave because it accentuates your silhouette and is just edgy enough to keep it casual, but still let people know you’re a bad ass.

Leather Jacket

The same applies to denim jackets. Throw one over a crop top with shorts, leggings or a playsuit. Add the final touch with a pair of boots or trainers and you’re ready to rock on as if you’re raving, only you’re not because you’re on the tube.

festival in the city 1

Another perfect example of ‘festival in the city’ is this outfit our girl is wearing, hanging out in her Tiago Playsuit ready to shoot some hoops. Paired with some fresh white kicks, we had to put this look on the list.

Festival in the city 2

Another way to go is to throw a tee or a long sleeve shirt under a playsuit, pinafore or dungarees. This is probably the easiest and most practical way to make a festival outfit appropriate for a day in the city. Simple and sweet with some festival treats mixed into your daily ensemble, you’ll blend in with the hustle and bustle of the city crowd perfectly.


Headpieces and flower crowns are one of the most important parts of taking festival looks into the city. What it comes down to is how much va-va-voom the accessory has in comparison to your clothes. This type of style is perfect for a night out because we all need time to blossom outside the constraints of the everyday workday style.

festival in the city 3

Try pairing a flower headband, jewelled crown or a big hat with a high neck jumpsuit or a chic black dress. In the city, the key with accessories is that your outfit should be simple yet chic, and your loud accessories are what pull the whole look together. The Wildrose Headband paired with our Khaki Halterneck Jumpsuit is the perfect example.

festival in the city 5

The simpler accessories, such as these Hair Comb Headpieces, can be added to liven up your daytime up-do. Crown and Glory have some tasty little hair pins that are fun enough to show everyone you’ve got style without shouting in someone’s face, ‘HEY LOOK, I’M A MERMAID’.

festival in the city 8

Maxi dresses will get muddy at a festival, but not in the city, which is why they’re a perfect match with head accessories because they even out the party vibe with an urban feel. And remember, the quieter your clothes, the louder your accessories can be.


You should never have to hide your wild-rainbow-unicorn-self, especially when you’re in the city, and now you don’t have to. To the people who DGAF and think full on festival-wear is for anytime and anywhere, we salute you.

If you’d like to see how these clothes mesh well together head over to our Tumblr for some festival in the city outfit inspiration.

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