How To Wear Over The Knee Boots

If there’s one thing SilkFred is mad about, it’s Over the Knee Boots! With there being so many to choose from, we’ve selected a bunch of our favourite styles and shared what we think are a few of the most important factors when searching for the perfect pair.

Not every boot is for everyone and with us ladies coming in all different beautiful shapes and sizes, it can become a tricky task finding that pair that fit just right. But not to worry, as we have just the ticket…



When the colder weather arrives, the flamboyant colours go to the back of the wardrobe and the warmer, darker tones take centre stage. With boots it’s certainly no different, as our favourites this time around are the likes of burgundy, grey, navy, khaki and camel. Oh, and who could forget? Classic black.

The great thing about these colours is that they’re neutral tones and look great with almost anything. Be it day or night, they’re bound to keep you both looking and feeling stylishly snug.


If you’re an all black errythang’ kinda gal, then the more colourful ones of the bunch will complement your ensembles perfectly; if on the contrary, you love bright coloured, funky clothing then black boots are your best bet.

Albeit all fabulous, there’s always a time and place for a certain style and colour, which is where our next category comes in…


Daring and vibrant, demure and classic or simply down to how you feel choosing your morning outfit, whatever your style, we have something for everyone. When choosing your perfect pair of over the knee boots, it’s also a must to take into consideration what occasions you want them most for.

Here are some of our most-loved styles as well as the occasions to flaunt them at.

Pointed toe & stiletto heel.

  • If you’re going for a sexy and sultry pair, this style will complete your ensemble perfectly. They’ll add a feminine touch which makes them the perfect pair for date night or a night out with friends.


Round toe & chunky stiletto heel.

  • In contrast to a pointed toe, our rounder toed Thigh High Tie Back Faux Suede Nude boots will give your outfit a laid back feel. The chunkier stiletto style heel will also make your boots a comfier, daytime option.


Square toe & heel.

  • Taking a step back to the 70’s, the square shape toe and heel are a new trend that seems to be spreading fast. Our Black Boots with Tortoise Shell Heel, for example, will look stylish both day and night as they’ll give your outfit a bit of an edge.

Plain boot & vibrant heel.

  • A key trend to keep an eye out for is that of the classic boot with a wild heel. This style is great when wanting to spice up an outfit without being too crazy.


Round toe & petite stiletto heel.

  • Blending both smart and casual, this girly style OTKB is a versatile one that fits both a day at the office to drinks with the girls in the evening. The Lace Up Over The Knee Boots in Black Suede are the ideal example.

Platform heels.

  • Our Wistle Cleated Sole Over The Knee Boots are on fire! Perfect for giving your outfit a fun and flirty vibe, they look great during the day and will make your evening outfit look cool and ready for anything.



There are four over the knee boot fabrics that we’re liking a lot recently. SilkFred offers all four kinds and you ladies are certainly rocking them.

  • Velvet. A huge trend this year that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and it’s not only velvet shoes we’re going mad for, velvet looks great in any form. They are footwear killers ladies!
  • Faux Suede. A longtime friend to footwear, faux suede is a beautiful material that can make any outfit look chic.

These gorgeous fabrics that were once difficult to take care of are now easier to maintain because of their blend with synthetic materials.


  • Faux Leather. Albeit not a current favourite for boots, you’ll always be able to find a cute pair that complete your shoe collection perfectly. Not to mention how easy to clean and durable they are.
  • Microfibre. A new material that’s increasingly being used for footwear, with a similar look and feel to faux suede, this fabric is super easy to maintain and looks great paired with any kind of outfit.


We have also taken into consideration, for us women who have wider or narrower calves, the best kind over the knee boots for us based on material and design.

Looking through some of our favourites, we found that not only is a tie at the top of the boot an on trend feature, but also works brilliantly for those who have wider or narrower calves, as it will keep the boots up just where you like them.


Not only are ties a great option for smaller and larger legs, but buckles work great for both too. Our Buckle Over The Knee Boots are the perfect example of this style.

Another choice for solely wider calves are some of the beautiful boots created with wider cuts, allowing space for the legs to breathe and move with ease.



One of the most common questions women ask when trying to style over the knee boots is, ‘How do I make them look fun and trendy without looking inappropriate?’

Over the knee boots can be tricky to style as it’s not hard for the outfit to go from classy to trashy. So here are our top tips when creating your OTKB ensemble:

  • DAY

-For daytime combos we highly recommend steering clear of dark pointed toe, stiletto boots. Unless the occasion calls for it, of course.

-Over the knee boots look great styled with a pair of jeans and jumper for during the day. It’s the perfect combination of glam and chill.

-Mini skirts and shorter dresses look best with flat or chunky over the knee boots, as we don’t want anything popping out, now do we?

-During the day is the perfect time to showcase your lighter coloured OTKB. Of a night the colours won’t be as visible or look as fitting for the occasion, so make the most of daylight.



Of a night you can always get away with saucier outfits but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to have your butt out or look like something out of a superhero movie (unless it’s fancy dress, obviously).

-Pointed toe, stiletto over the knee boots look gorgeous with a decent length dress or skirt, or simply paired with classic black skinnies and a nice one piece.

-Leather pants are a go-to option for a night out, but if styling them with over the knee boots, make sure the boots are chunkier as the pointed toe can look a bit wannabe cat woman.

-If your outfit is quite casual, you can easily pull off sexier over the knee boots as they will even out the vibe. Whereas if your dress is more elegant, a pair of funkier OTKB can cool it down. It’s all up to you!


Enjoy ladies, we hope this helps when finding that perfect pair!

SF Team X




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