WTW: 6 Tips to Style your Petite Silhouette

Being a petite woman myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when you find the perfect outfit but when you try it on… SURPRISE SURPRISE, it doesn’t fit everywhere on your body. It can be quite challenging shopping for a smaller body, seen as petite doesn’t necessarily mean small everywhere. I’ve had it many a times where something will fit my waist but not my bust, something is figure-hugging for my body but too small for my butt… there are countless scenarios we come across when shopping.

So, in order to clear up any confusions or dilemmas you have, here are a few of my top tips for your petite figure, which brands SilkFred have that are XS friendly and what will bring out the best of our figures. Have no fear!

Cropped trousers do just the trick. The best route to go down with trousers is choose a pair that are ‘cropped’ length wise, that way you can pick a size based on waist and the length will fall into place.


Accentuate your waists ladies. If you’re a busty petite woman, when it comes to flaunting your features, a cinched in waist does just the trick. As it will elongate your body and emphasise your voluptuous features.

When maxi, think sexy. Maxi dresses can make us look like we’re drowning, so a good choice is a rather feminine maxi; a cinched in waist, accentuated bust area, slit up the side… this will avoid you looking like you’ve wrapped a be sheet around your body.


– You’d be surprised what you can find in the kiddies section. Yes, I said it, the kids section has some cool pieces. I’m not talking for anything special, but basic t-shirts and shorts are half thre price and could even fit better. (This is also a great idea for you small footed lovers).

Layer all the way. Mixing different lengths of clothing, as well as fabrics is a trend that suits smaller people (and all other heights and sizes).

High or low waisted. When it comes to skirts and shorts, high-waisted or low-waisted are the most figure flattering. In between can sometimes make the torso and lovely legs look shorter than they are. (Not too short though, we want to look classy and stylish!


More and more of our brands here at SilkFred are producing clothing and footwear in smaller sizes, just for us petite SF lovers. Dancing Leopard, Double A-side, Wolf & Whistle, Sculpt… are only a few of the brands that offer products in a size 6/XS.

Hopefully our tips help you figure out your next few outfits with more ease, making them fit better and look ever amazingly stylish.

SF Team x

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WTW: 6 Tips to Style your Petite Silhouette

Being a petite woman myself, I understand how frustrating it can be when you...
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