Transitional Fashion: 3 Spring Style Essentials

What to wear for spring '19
Spring-friendy pieces for in-between weather

Spring has sprung, unnaturally early it would seem. So even if you’re an all-black-everything kind of girl, you have an excuse to experiment with bolder prints, colours and even floral dresses. And you don’t have to factor hypothermia into your outfit, which is a nice bonus. However, this is predictably unpredictable Britain, so it’s important to pick transitional fashion pieces that can adapt to your fluctuating weather app. I’ve picked out my top three pieces to ease you into spring (but still work if the weather has revenge in mind).

1. A Versatile Maxi Dress

To some, the British summer officially starts the first time you clock someone in shorts, but not all of us like to flash our legs. And it isn’t always practical, or warm enough. Enter: the maxi dress. One with a half-sleeve or long sleeve and a relatively high neckline is the ticket at this time of year. The key to transitional dressing between the colder and warmer months is versatility. Long sleeves can be rolled up on hotter days and down again when the sun disappears. Dresses that have necklines which button up (shirt style maxis, for example) have the same benefit. On cold days, no one will see the tights you add on underneath, and on warm days, you can enjoy the breezy feeling of bare legs (without actually having to show them off). Add a print like leopard into the mix and you’ll not only look good but be on-trend too.

Navy maxi dress
Dove maxi dress in navy star print

2. A Slip Skirt

Slip skirts are a real wardrobe must-have, no matter what time of year it is. Simple enough to be paired with countless other items, but classic enough to look permanently on-trend, slip skirts are a great investment piece. Styling slip skirts is less to do with ‘what can I wear this with?’ and more ‘what can’t I wear this with!’. During the transitional period between winter and spring, the real beauty of slip and midi skirts is their ability to work well when layering is involved.

Spotted midi skirt
Navy midi skirt in dotted print

3. A Statement Blouse

You might be thinking: ‘Does it have to be a blouse, specifically’? Well, nah, not really but blouses are generally made from a more luxe fabric, the glamorous older sister of the everyday top, and add a little more refinement to your overall look. Spring is the best time to invest in pieces that are a little fancier, as the social calendar starts to fill up. What’s more, a statement blouse is appropriate all year round, for every ‘jeans and a nice top’ situation. Prints have never been more popular, so why not combine a blouse with a bold print? By doing so, you save yourself a whole load of time thinking about accessories – the blouse does all the talking. Keep your bag, shoes and other add-ons simple and paired back; by doing so you look like you’ve made an effort, but not tried too hard.

Long sleeve, high-neck blouse in polka dot
High neck blouse in spotted print


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