What the perfect wedding guest outfit looks like, according to you guys [Survey]


If you’ve ever struggled with what to wear to a wedding, you’re not alone. Nearly 30,000 people asked Google that very question just last month. Which got us thinking, what would an algorithm tell us to wear? Well, we don’t quite have the tech for that… so we did a survey instead. We asked over 2000 of you what you’re dream wedding guest outfit would look like, from colour and length to style and price point.

Drum roll, please…

After combining the results, we can reveal that the ultimate wedding guest outfit is…

A pastel blue midi dress with ¾ length sleeves. Blue was the most popular colour by a long shot with almost a third of participants choosing this shade. We did some digging, and we think this dress fits the bill quite nicely wouldn’t you say?



Quite surprisingly, orange was the least favourite colour. Orange was so unpopular in fact, more people were willing to risk their lives and wear white to a wedding than don the hard-to-pull-off orange.Pastel was the leading choice when it came to style, with 35% of Brits selecting it as their favourite. But floral was hot on its heels with 33% opting for the classic print. See the full results in the table below.

wedding guest outfit colour
The most popular wedding guest outfit colours ranked

Say no to the dress

Dresses are the reigning favourite with 3 in 5 UK guests choosing to wear a dress to a wedding. Only 1% of respondents selected a jumpsuit style as their outfit of choice.

Go-to wedding outfits of choice ranked

Perhaps the Fleabag jumpsuit craze hasn’t caught on yet. Just don’t be surprised if half the congregation show up to your  2019 wedding dressed like this:

The Fleabag Jumpsuit – perfect for a wedding!

Conservative votes

Respondents were surprisingly conservative when it came to length, with 60% selecting maxi dresses or full-length trousers or skirts. 32% chose midi-length, leaving just 8% opting for a short or mini length style. Only 1% of participants chose to go bold with a neon or leopard print style, a bit of a surprise given their dominance in fashion over the last 12 months.

Popular wedding guest outfit styles ranked

The top accessory for wedding guests in the UK is a necklace, with almost 60% using one to accentuate their décolletage. 65+-year-olds are the most likely to step it up a notch and add an extra touch of pizazz to their ensemble, with 34% opting to wear a fascinator.

With sleeves, please

Suns out, guns mostly in it seems, with over half of respondents opting for a 3/4 or full length sleeve. One-shoulder was the least popular, along with balloon sleeves, when it came to showing some sleeveage, with puff sleeves, bell sleeves and milkmaid sleeves all proving more popular.

Wedding guest outfits popular sleeve lengths


Whats the damage?

When it comes to the price tag, Brits typically drop £101-£300 on an entire wedding guest outfit. 35-44-year-olds are the most likely to wear something they already have in their wardrobe, whilst 25-34-year-olds spend the most on average on their outfits, at £192.02. They are also the most likely to spend the highest maximum amount, with 1 in 4 admitting they would spend up to an eye-watering £745.71 for one outfit.

Wedding guest outfit spend


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  • Hi, I really need your help love the dress especially the green heron print midi wrap but I’m only 5ft and a size 12 please could you tell me if I could get away it. I’m also a young 46 year old

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