8 Workwear Outfit Essentials

workwear essentials

When it comes to choosing what to wear for work, it can be quite tricky to not become repetitive or boring, seen as we all have some standards and rules to follow in the workplace. You should be combining sophistication with style, not showing too much but not becoming a spinster in the making! Keeping your wardrobe up to date but maintaining the classics.

It can be a hard job made easy, all you need are a series of items than can transform any outfit from mediocre to ‘style queen’ worthy, timeless pieces that will complete any outfit and have you feeling fabulous!

Let’s begin…

1. LBD – A little black dress goes a long way! Being both versatile and elegant, you can’t really go wrong. Pair it with over the knee or ankle boots for a relaxed, feminine outfit. If you’re seeking a dressier look, style it with a pair of pointed heels. When the hotter months arrive, it will be easy to add a pair of stylish sandals to the mix!

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2. Throw Over Coat – It’s important that the top layer of your outfit is just as stylish as the layer underneath! To finish off any ensemble just add a maxi duster coat, a simple fleece coat/jacket or a wrap tie-in waist jacket. These are hot this season and in greyscale or nude tones, you will be able to pair it with anything in your wardrobe!

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3. The White Shirt – An office wardrobe is not complete without a plain white shirt. Crisp and fresh, it always makes a simple outfit look sophisticated. Easy to pair with any item of clothing, now designed in many different shapes and sizes so you can let out your adventurous side, it’s a must-have in our opinion!

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4. Twisted Trousers – Always handy to have in the wardrobe for those days when you’ve woken up in a cold mood and don’t feel like a skirt or dress is for you today. They’re a must-have for any working wardrobe, but we recommend trying out more alternative designs, as well as sticking to the classics of course. In neutral colours; patterned, bucket waists, wide legged, tight fitted, cropped… these are all trends you should be experimenting with!

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5. A Versatile Handbag – When it comes to a woman’s handbag, we’re all known for carrying around a lot of ‘junk’, and unfortunately the Mary Poppins bag has been created yet! We think it’s important to at least look stylish while lumbering it all about, and if possible, make the carrying effortless. There is a style suitable for any occasion.

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6. The Waist Coat – To make any outfit look sophisticated, a waist coat is the answer. In neutral colours, making it easier to pair with any ensemble, there are a variety of materials you should try; fur is great if you’re looking to stay snug, suede is classy and sassy and blazer material is smart/casual chic. With a shirt and some stylish trousers, you’re good to go!

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7. Shoes For Four – You can never have too many, right? Even if we wear or were to wear black every day, our shoes always complete our outfit and make it look different from the day before! The styles you should be looking out for and trying yourselves are ankle boots, pointed-toe heels, your every day comfortable trainers/pumps/converse and a pair of over the knee boots! Black is the most practical and safe colour (not to mention incredibly stylish), but there are ways of spicing up your outfit by adding a bit of colour!

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8. A BIG SMILE! – Remember that the only way to complete your day to day outfit is with a smile. It’s an essential part of a ladies wardrobe. By smiling it is more likely that you will attract positive situations and feelings, people feed off of happiness! So, once you’ve finished off getting ready SF tribe, remember to look at yourself in the mirror (wearing all of our essentials!) and add the finishing touch: a bright smile.


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P.S. Let us know what your essential workwear pieces are!

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