Be The Best Dressed Wedding Guest (Whatever The Weather)

green midi wedding guest dress

You might be an old fashioned romantic or someone who cringes at the words ‘love at first sight’. But chances are sooner or later you’ll end up at a wedding. If you’re a friend, family or even someone else’s plus one – there is no better excuse than a wedding to treat yourself to a new outfit.

You want something special, but you’re not looking to upstage the bride (unless you live for drama). Your outfit needs to pass the ‘would I wear this in front of grandma’ test. Maybe the ‘would I wear this in front of a vicar’ test too. The ideal outfit is comfy for the day and still lets you throw the shapes you want to after a few proseccos.

Whether you spend the day dancing, drinking or having a little cry (or all three), we have what you need to be the best dressed wedding guest.

Wedding Guest Dresses For Summer

Midi Wedding Guest Dresses: You Can’t Go Wrong with a Midi

midi-green-wedding-guest-dressKnee length, midi and maxi styles are the most for wedding appropriate, whether you’re at registry office, a beach or a place of worship. But some people may feel uncomfortable wearing a maxi dress (you might want to leave that to the bride) which is why a midi dress a perfect choice. This navy midi dress is a great example something which is both classy and special. The colour and length are more formal, when the sheer sleeves and bodycon fit make it perfect for the dancefloor.

Patterned Wedding Guest Dresses: Don’t Be Afraid Of Prints

print-wedding-guest-dressDresses for wedding guests don’t have to be boring. Prints are a great way to stand out without loads of accessories – the dress does all the talking. That said, what’s a wedding without a hat?
Florals are perfect for spring and summer weddings, and florals with a darker base colour also look lovely in the colder months. Prints such as these are effortlessly feminine and need minimal details – barely there heels, plain jewellery and simple clutch bags.

Two models wear the yondal leopard print dress on a london street
Yondal Leopard Dress

Think animal print is only appropriate for a night out? Think again! Subtle animal prints in neutral colours look special but aren’t too OTT. In fact, a understated animal print is perfect for looking on-trend without being attention grabbing. As with floral prints, pair animal print dresses with neutral colours and/or simple styles of accessory.

Bold Wedding Guest Dresses: Colour Is Your Best Friend


Hot weather and bright colours are a match made in heaven. If you’re heading to a wedding abroad it’s a great chance to experiment with shades that you might not usually wear.

Bright colours also mean that you don’t run the risk of matching the bride. Styles that are sleeveless and colourful are great for summer weddings, whether in the UK or chasing the sun abroad.

If you’re not a lover of colour and more comfortable in black, then consider a navy dress – your knight in shining armour. It’s a shade that never goes out of style and is effortlessly chic.

Wedding Guest Dresses For Winter

Long Sleeve Wedding Guest Dresses: Sleeves are Lifesavers

Model wears a satin style mini wrap dress in dark nevy with heels and pearl headband on patio
Silky Navy Wrap Dress

Imagine the scenario: a winter wedding in an ancient church. The high ceilings, the drafts, the chilly pews – it makes you feel cold just thinking about it. Whilst you can pile on layer of coats and shawls, there is nothing like feeling warm in the first place. Weddings also generally involve a lot of standing and waiting, and you can’t hold your prosecco with you arms wrapped around yourself from the cold. Goose bumps are never a good look, especially when pictures are being taken.

Wedding guest dresses with full length sleeves are a must-have if you’re planning on attending a ceremony between September and April. Save spaghetti straps and Bardot necklines for the summer heat – they look great until you start shivering.

If you have a dress that just can’t wait to be worn until summer, make sure you layer. Wear a good quality pashmina wrap in a coordinating colour to keep you cosy – or steal someones suit jacket…

Wedding Guest Jumpsuit: Your Outfit Doesn’t Have To Involve A Dress

Model wears a abstract animal print strappy jumpsuit with black barely there heels and pearl bag
Split Leg Jumpsuit

If you’re not a lover of dresses in any form, ditch them completely and get yourself a jumpsuit like this one. You can never truly shine in an outfit that you feel uncomfortable wearing, so if you’d rather give dresses a pass, pick a jumpsuit that is just as chic and smart.

Jumpsuits have loads of benefits; warm legs, lots of movement and comfort to name a few. Long sleeved jumpsuits will keep you warm in winter and floaty ones will mean you’re comfortable in the heat too. Plus, with a jumpsuit there’s less chance of you flashing someone when you drag yourself to the dancefloor after one too many.


Wherever your next wedding is, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion (and weather) with a style that you love. Whether you’re on a beach or in a church, there is always a dress that’ll work.

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