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There’s nothing harder than trying to find an outfit that looks good and actually works for whatever the occasion. Whether it’s what to wear to a winter wedding when the weather is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g, or if you love leopard print but don’t want to look like Kat Slater. Try On Tuesday is our way of helping you style out the real life wardrobe dilemmas we’ve all had to deal with.

Model wears a zebra print dress taking a mirror selfie with instagram question overlaid
Winter wedding? No problem…

What Is Try On Tuesday?

Try on Tuesdays is a video where we answer any styling questions you have.  Any time you’ve sat looking at your wardrobe with no hope…we’re here as your fashionable (but realistic) friend to help find the perfect fit.

Every week we answer questions from you on our Instagram and Facebook stories. Naomi, Cara and the rest of the SilkFred team talk through real queries with wearable solutions from some of our newest styles from independent brands that we’re loving. We also show the clothes on a range of models so you can see what it looks like on a real body, and what it feels like to wear. So no more cancelling plans over an outfit.

Every month we do a live Try On Tuesday that you can watch on Facebook and Instagram. This is a longer version where we answer live styling queries in real time, asked by for everyone watching at home. You can even request specific dresses modelled so you can see what that dress you’ve had your eye on looks like in real life. You can watch our latest one on our Facebook page here.

Model wears a rust wrap dress taking a mirror selfie with an instagram question overlaid
We’re here to answer your style dilemmas

How Can I Get My Styling Questions Answered?

After our weekly Try On Tuesday, we open up questions to be answered for next week. If you have a burning styling query you need answered, just write in the text box and send it over. 

You can also ask questions when watching the live video by commenting, and we’ll give you on the spot styling advice. Think of it as a fashion hotline without any dodgy hold music.

Model wears a cream roll neck jumper while taking a mirror selfie with an instagram question overlaid
Send Us Your Queries!

What Sort Of Questions Get Answered For Try On Tuesday?

Anything goes. Baby shower at 35 weeks pregnant? Comfortable party dress that shows off your curves? We’ve got the dress for you. Even down to fancy dress Great Gatsby parties where you want to look the part. No question is too big or too small.

Model wears a beaded dress taking a selfie in a mirror with an instagram question overlaid on the image
Any question goes…

How Do I Find The Outfits From Try On Tuesday?

We link everything on our stories from Try On Tuesdays – so just tap to shop. It’s as easy as that. Got to Thursday and realised you completely missed it? We know the feeling. For when you’ve got other things on your mind, we have a Try On Tuesday collection you can shop with all our newest problem solving dresses.

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