Winter Coats That Will Actually Keep You Warm


Winter means blizzard conditions, dark mornings and a reignited love affair with your (very warm) bed. That means when you have to brave the elements, you need a good reason to. So we’ve got some coats that are warm enough to tempt you out from under your duvet.

Bear Hug

Teddy bear coats. They sound cute, and they are. There’s no need to stay in bed when you can bring a blanket in coat form to work with you. This brown teddy coat is the bear hug you need to emotionally prepare yourself for Monday.

Model wears brown teddy coat over shoulders with black top and jeans
Brown Teddy Coat

Cosy Coat

This coat is cosier than an evening spent in the pub with a roaring fire and mulled wine. Nothing will prepare you to brace the cold better than this Grey Fur Collar coat. Pair with with a countryside walk (and a massive pub roast).

Model wears grey collar fur jacket
Grey Fur Collar Jacket

Beats Rain

Winter is here and unfortunately, so is the rain. If you’d rather not battle in gale force winds with an umbrella that’s seen better days, this Black Parka is the one. With an oversized hood, it’s perfect for adverse conditions (and avoiding that person you’d rather not talk to).

Model wears black parka over white t-shirt and jeans
Black Parka Jacket

Going Out-Out

Frostbite ain’t chic, but this faux fur gilet is. Pair with faux leather trousers and a Steve-Jobs style roll neck to get you feeling party-ready in one outfit change.

Model wears the black faux fur gilet over black rollneck
Black Faux Fur Gilet
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