Handmade exquisite jewellery

Founded in 2011 by Anne De La Ville-Bauge, Amadoria jewellery is handcrafted and ethically produced in Indonesia. The ranges, with their beautiful colours and exquisite quality, were inspired by Anne’s extensive travels around the world. Anne’s vision has been to create jewellery that women of all ages would desire and love to wear for all occasions. The collections appeal to a wide audience, from fashion conscious teenagers to discerning, stylish women. The range was initially founded on beautiful crystals and elegant tassels and since its launch, Amadoria has diversified into semi-precious jewellery. The brand has grown rapidly worldwide and is now available in over 250 retailers, from London to Los Angeles.

Anne’s signature pieces include semi-precious stones, gold and silver plated chains which are hand finished in London.

Her most recent collaboration has been with Marc Bohan, the internationally acclaimed designer. Marc’s exquisite drawings showcase some of her beautiful jewellery.

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