ExtraAF is a brand that inspires confidence and is brave. Founded in 2020 by Belal Muhammad, who is determined to prove that there is no need to compromise. You don't have to sacrifice style or sustainability. ExtraAF is challenging the concept that sustainable clothing is basic, neutral and expensive. The brand is creative, and both passionate and compassionate; striving to create stylish pieces that serve both you, our people and our planet. In Belal's own words...

"Sustainability has always had a negative connotation when it came to fashion; it's believed to be either a compromise with boring styles and nude/simple colours or too overpriced which is why ExtraAF, as a sustainable brand, is and always will be trend-led. No one wants a finger wagged in their face to be more sustainable and that is why I believe if the sustainable work is done and people are provided with a platform to choose from trend led pieces, they are more likely to demand for more sustainable clothes. This demand will push suppliers to switch to more sustainable and eco-conscious methods which in turn will change the fashion industry as a whole. Sustainability is at the core of everything I do in my personal life, from small things like using a metal straw to buying consciously. I have always loved the ocean and the fashion industry contributes to the majority of the waste that goes into landfills and plastic in the ocean, which is why I wanted my brand to stand for sustainability. I had to make sure that my brand is sustainable from the ground up which is not easy but it is and always will be important to me".

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