At IVY we have developed a range of everyday, premium jersey women's t-shirts. Cut beautifully, the range offers style, versatility and most importantly comfort. We want women to look and feel good in clothing that suits their bodies and lifestyles.

As a shopping addict and clothing buyer for 12 years the perfect woman’s t-shirt has always eluded me. It is such a simple product and should be the foundation of everyone’s wardrobe, however I’ve never found the ultimate to so I decided to draw on my experience in the industry and develop a range myself, focusing on great fit and quality.

The brand was born when, following the birth of my daughter Maggie, all I wanted to wear post birth were casual, comfortable t-shirts to easily outfit that made me look and feel good at a time when my body had changed dramatically. IVY launched just 1 month before the arrival of my second baby, Sam and we’ve had an incredible response in our first 18 months.

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