SixtyNinety is an eco-friendly swimwear brand born in Brazil and raised in London and now selling worldwide. Our swimwear is made with Fluity CO2, the first biodegradable synthetic yarn in the world. Going green - from packaging to textile, we offer products that will not have a negative impact on the environment. Because we prefer spending time on the beach rather than trying many bikinis on before finding the one, we designed a Swimwear the fits to perfection! When you wear the right piece of fabric, you fear nothing. We took away all unnecessary elastic bands, and designed a bikini tailored to the female body- seamless, extra soft & Sexy.

Created by Women for Women:

The sad reality is ‘85% of sweatshop worker are young women between the ages of 15 and 25. They are often desperately poor and work very long hours, sometimes up to 20 hours a day, and their wages still do not give them enough to feed and clothe their families.’

This is why we produce 100% of our items in a small factory in Brazil which is ran by women.

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